Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lazy day 2

Day 2 spent out on the couch lapsing in and out of consciousness. There's been an annoying, dull ache in my head all day. Never strong enough to require medication, just a constant throbbing.

Finally got a call back from the center. They're going to send me some paperwork to fill out before they can assign a therapist. She asked a whole lot of questions, which kept me confused. Not sure why she needed to know how much money I get from disability when my Medicaid will cover the therapy and I was too confused at the time to ask. Guess I'll ask when I go to drop the paperwork off. She also asked me to have my pdoc send over a letter telling them how my medications are working. Another odd question considering I told her that I'd just started on 2 new meds a week ago and neither have really kicked in yet...he's not going to know if or how they're working.

I'm sure they have their reasons for asking some of the stuff they do, but it would really help if they'd explain why. I never think to ask why until hours after I've talked to someone, when I can kind of review what was discussed because in the moment it's hard to keep my thoughts together. Then I start to over-analyze everything and get paranoid about why they want to know certain things.

My head is starting to throb a little harder. Guess I'll get to bed now.


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