Thursday, November 10, 2005

101 Things about me

So I've seen quite a few people list 100 things about themselves, so I figured I'd give it a go, only I'm one upping all of you, just cuz I'm an oddball and do crap like that.

1. I've never broken any bones before.
2. The only dream I ever had in life and tried to pursue was being a ballerina.
3. I danced for 10 years before I was forced to give it up due to knee & ankle problems.
4. I love spinach.
5. I used to read my old roommate's journal when she wasn't home.
6. I love shoes, but hate feet.
7. I can't sleep without my body pillow.
8. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
9. I got married on Halloween.
10. I have a white pet rabbit named Snowball.
11. I lived in Florida for two months when I was 18 but moved back to Chicago because I hated the heat and all the bugs down there.
12. I lost my virginity at 14 to a guy I didn't know.
13. I had multiple piercings back in the early 80's long before it was the "in" thing to do.
14. I legally changed my name when I was 20, my WHOLE name.
15. I shaved my head myself when I was 19, except for a little tuft of hair in front.
16. My first car was a puke green 1979 Cougar.
17. My hubby and I were just fuck buddies and only went on one date prior to getting married.
18. I've had three pregnancies, but only one child.
19. Sales people can sucker me into buying things I can't afford and/or don't need.
20. If I could live anywhere in the US, it'd be somewhere in the Rockies in Colorado.
21. My favorite word is fuck.
22. I like movies with lots of sadistic murders.
23. There are three topics I refuse to discuss with anyone...religion, politics & abortion.
24. I don't know how to swim.
25. My favorite actor is Gary Oldman.
26. It's the 21st century and I don't own a cellphone.
27. I consider myself a dork and I'm proud of it.
28. (Removed for personal reasons)
29. Time is the only magazine I ever subscribe to.
30. My favorite season is winter, I love snow.
31. The only place I ever felt safe as a child was at my grandfather's two-flat in Chicago up in the second floor apartment that was empty.
32. I had my first nervous breakdown at age 11.
33. I still have the very first record I ever bought...a 45 of Rubber Duckie by Ernie from Sesame Street that I got at a fun fair in grade school.
34. I can't stand clutter or disorganization.
35. If I don't know how to do something, I can usually teach myself and figure it out with very little effort.
36. There are very few photographs of me because I hate having my picture taken.
37. I've only had one birthday party and that was when I turned 16.
38. This is how old I turned this year.

39. I tend to offend people that ask for my opinion because I'm not afraid to tell them the truth.
40. I drink more Pepsi than I probably should.
41. I used to lie and tell my parents I was babysitting in high school when I was really out having sex or partying.
42. People used to think me and my younger sister were twins despite a 3 yr age difference.
43. As a child my most cherished possession was my Barbie collection.
44. I used to tell people I was adopted in grade school because I hated my family.
45. I got my first apartment at 17 with a penpal that just up and moved from Denver one day. I didn't even know she was coming til I got her call saying she was in Chicago and needed me to pick her up at the bus station.
46. I like taking walks at 3 am when no one else is around.
47. I smoke in hopes of getting lung cancer.
48. In my early 20's I used to move every six months just for the heck of it.
49. I once caught a guy with his hand in my purse trying to steal my money. Then I foolishly confronted the guy not even thinking he might have a gun or a knife.
50. I no longer carry a purse.
51. I don't think I ever mentally matured past the age of 18.
52. I waste money almost every day on a triple shot venti mocha from Starbucks.
53. The only things I know how to cook are macaroni & cheese and chicken fettucini.
54. 90% of the numbers in my speed dial are for restaurants.
55. As a teen I was an autograph hound and did everything I could to meet famous people. Being that it was the 80's, I met people like Andy Warhol, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Rick Springfield, Paul Young, Tommy Lee, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, Ministry, Tears for Fears, etc. The oddest person I ever met was Tony Bennett.
56. I tend to only eat once a day.
57. I own the lotion, shower gel and hand soap of just about every scent they sell at Bath & Body Works.
58. I buy tons of make-up at Ulta, but rarely ever wear any.
59. My favorite board game is a toss up between Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.
60. In high school I was on the yearbook staff and deliberately kept my own photo out of the book in my senior year.
61. I'd rather clean the bathroom than wash dishes.
62. My hair has not been it's natural color since I was 15.
63. At 12 I pierced my own ears for the first time because my mother refused to let me get them done.
64. I only ever had one date in junior high or high choice.
65. I've never been to the circus.
66. I once ate cat food as a kid because I was hungry and we were never allowed to eat anything except at meal time.
67. I fainted at school in the 6th grade and when they checked my head for any bumps, they found a hole in my head that went all the way in to my skull behind my left ear. It had apparently been there for quite some time.
68. I have to put on chapstick at least 20 times a day.
69. My favorite tv shows are Greys Anatomy and Law & Order SVU.
70. If I ever have a place that allows dogs, I plan to get a Great Pyrenees or a Newfoundland.
71. I can't eat at the same table with someone that chews with their mouth open.
72. I used to go to funerals of people I didn't know and hang out in cemeteries in my late teens just so I could be nearer to death.
73. In a psychotic rage after my daughter was born I once walked home 4 miles from a hospital at 2 am in a blizzard.
74. I only like three, maroon and forest green.
75. I paid $600 for a Love Sac, but never sit in it.
76. I get high from being in an office supply store.
77. The only time I have any artistic ability is when I'm severely depressed.
78. I've started writing the story of my life, but I'll probably never finish it.
79. I used to think I hated meat and would become a vegetarian. Turns out my mother just couldn't cook for shit.
80. I'm smart but only got straight A's once in the 4th grade.
81. All my grade school teachers used to call me by my older sister's name because she was always the star pupil.
82. I always believed I would commit suicide before the age of 21.
83. I waste money on lottery tickets every time I stop to buy a pack of cigarettes.
84. Thinking of 101 things to say about myself is harder than I thought it would be.
85. I would love to suck on another woman's nipples.
86. The one city I've been to in the US that I hate the most is St. Louis.
87. I secretly long to be a grandmother, if I live that long.
88. Most people think I hate them when we first meet.
89. I usually have to re-check books out of the library because I start to read them but never finish them in the three weeks they let me check them out for.
90. I regularly check out the book The Catcher in the Rye, just to see if the government does keep track of who buys or checks it out like in the movie Conspiracy Theory, but I've never read it.
91. My biggest fear is that my home will one day catch on fire.
92. I vomit at the smell of uncooked corn muffin dough.
93. I've never had sex in a car.
94. I have this strange need to keep my fingers busy at all times and usually I'm playing with paperclips or rubber bands.
95. I once had a missing persons report filed on me when I called my pdoc, told her I was suicidal and then disappeared without telling anyone where I was going.
96. It upsets me that I have very few memories of my daughter as a baby.
97. I could never become addicted to illegal drugs because I can't stand the way the ones I've tried made me feel.
98. I've lost a lot of friends to heroin overdoses.
99. My daughter, my younger sister and I all sound exactly alike on the phone.
100. I only wash my car about once every six months.
101. I avoided the sun for so many years that now when I go out in the summer, I only freckle, I no longer tan.


Blogger Shannin said...

as long as i've known you, and i still learned a lot of new stuff... and, not surprisingly, we share many of these things!
take care of you

10:49 AM, November 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anna said...

Nice to get to know you better. I love when people do these. I love law & order svu as well.

1:59 PM, November 11, 2005  
Blogger Shannin said...

OH! and, I forgot.... I will gladly volunteer my nipple for suckeling. After all, what are friends for?!?!?

6:41 PM, November 11, 2005  
Blogger Geisha_Girl said...

I enjoyed reading that, Sid.

I tried to do a list recently but couldn't even get to about 10.

I pierced my right ear again because I wanted another piercing. I remember doing it slowly and painfully after being a wuss and numbing my ear with ice. And I'm forever bleaching or dying my hair another colour.

Just like you, I eventually changed my names. The first change didn't seem to fit, so I picked another. And then I changed AGAIN. So now I have a trail of paperwork that I've got to produce whenever I've got something official to do.

Once again, it was really fun reading about you.

:-) Jane

8:51 PM, November 14, 2005  
Blogger James said...

Great list.

#20: Living in Colorado I can attest that it is a cool ass place to live.

#28: Damn, wish I coulda seen that!!

Take care. :)

7:05 PM, November 15, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

59. I guarantee I can beat you in Trivial Pursuit, and (maybe) scrabble. Does it count if you guarantee something, then say maybe?

75. What is a Love Sac? (souns like something in my pants ;)

74. I agree with all three, except maybe shades of grey instead of black.

13, 15, 62, 63, etc. At least you expressed your feelings somehow, acting like a wild teen. I just shoved it back inside, pushed myself down so far I wondered if I would ever get back up.

77. The worse I feel, the better I write.

94. I pick my fingers until they bleed. I can't stop.

11:33 PM, November 18, 2005  
Blogger None said...

Of course you would have to love Gary Oldman if you legally changed your name to Sid. May nick name is SiD after the great Vicious - although I look a lot different from what I did as a 7th grade goth punk, the name remains. Cool shit ya got in here! I'll definetly have to come back for a peek.........

8:55 PM, February 19, 2006  
Anonymous austin of sundrip said...

I became a vegetarian at age 8 because my mother couldn't cook for shit. I remember the last piece of meat I ate at that age was chicken. I put it down and said I didn't want to eat meat anymore. Surprisingly she told me I could go to the library and look up how to do it right. If I did that then I could be a vegetarian. I stayed a veggie until I turned 33. I had to change my diet for health reasons. I miss it but I find it amazing all the things I thought I hated were just because Mama can't cook.


7:02 AM, August 12, 2007  
Anonymous austin said...

Sorry to put this here.
I wanted to know if you'd been tagged yet for the Survivors Needs MeMe? If not I'd like to tag you. Let me know okay?

11:57 AM, January 02, 2008  

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