Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's left of my post

Dinner and a movie Friday was a fun time. My girlfriend is such a riot to be with. The movie, Saw II, was pretty gory, which I love. But it was missing all the suspense of the first one because now we knew how the game is played. They did set it up so there will be yet another sequel, but given what happened (I'm not revealing details in case anyone else is going to see it) I don't think any of the sequels they make from here on out will be any good.

There is one downside to being friends with this woman I went out with. She is a devout Catholic and she keeps trying to "convert" me. She thinks if I pray and read the bible it'll save me from committing suicide. I know she doesn't understand mental illness so I try my best not to let it aggravate me. She knows I'm an atheist and we handle the whole religion thing in a joking sort of way, but I know behind the smile and laughter, she truly believes religion is the answer for me.

Saturday's pokeno was also fun. All I won was $10, so with the gift I bought, I really only ended up $2 in the hole. Not bad cuz I could have walked away with nothing. Half the people didn't even recognize me cuz of the haircut. They just thought I was a new friend my sister had brought along. It was probably 15 minutes before they realized I was her sister. I only had 3 drinks because I ended up driving to the house this month's party was at. I so wanted to get smashed though. A lot of the conversation centered around their kids, who all go to the same elementary school, so I was kind of the odd man out. I'm used to it though, that's usually what happens.

Today was a busy day and I'm now exhausted. The kiddie and I ran around getting the rest of her costume among other things...

And since blogger decided to fuck up again and the above was all of the post I'd written that it could recover, fuck it...I'm ending it here instead of retyping everything else that was lost. Blogger fucking sucks ass sometimes!!


Blogger dawn said...

I've been having so much trouble lately too with posts just disappearing. i wonder what's going on?
I'm an athiest too, and people are forever tying to convert me.i think it's pretty funny, for the most part, until they don't get the hint, then i get down right annoyed.
glad you had a good time on saturday.
so this will be a very stupid question, but what type of game is pokeno? it sounds really interesting.

8:06 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Shannin said...

my family never went to church when i was a kid, but we said a prayer before dinner and before bed every mom is super christian one can believe that i am pagan and they try to get me to "remember" what i used to "believe"....i believed it because i was five and five year olds believe what their parents tell them!
But, look at you social butterfly! I was at my daughters soccer game and thought the same thing "all the other moms talk and leave me out"...kinda shitty feeling...i think it is, in part, because i look like i am 15+ years younger than them....bitches! :)
take care of you!

12:02 PM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Geisha_Girl said...

Faith of some kind must be comforting. But you either believe or you don't. It's not something you can force.

I think a sense of one's identity and a faith in one's worth is probably more important than religious faith.

But I'm not sure how you establish a strong sense of self -- and, I suppose, a strong connection to others, too.

I really do think those elements are sustaining.

5:23 PM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger The Mass Defective said...

Dusky - Your pokeno question was answered in my latest post.

Shannin - I have always felt left out because I'm always one of the younger moms. The moms of my daughter's friends are typically 10 or more years older than me. They all seemed to have waited til they were in their 30's to start having kids & I had mine at 23.

Ms Jane - I agree that a sense of one's identity and a faith in one's worth is more important than religion. Unfortunately I don't have those yet either.

12:13 AM, November 01, 2005  

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