Saturday, October 15, 2005

So lost

I'm so lost
I'm barely here
I wish I could explain myself
But words escape me
It's too late
To save me...

*Lyrics from Stockholm Syndrome by Blink 182*

Those words seem really fitting today. I feel so lost, so out of it and I can't explain it. I was supposed to have a nookie call with the ex, but even though the desire is there, the energy level isn't. I even took a nap earlier and I still feel so....blah.

It's one of those days where you wake up and totally regret being alive. I would have stayed in bed all day but I had to take the kiddie to get her hair done. I'm getting mine done on Monday. Decided to go short so there's less hassle. Wash-n-go, when I bother to wash that is.

My sis & her family are coming over for dinner tonight. Think I'll go back to bed until they show up.


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