Tuesday, February 22, 2005

No return call, imagine that

I left a message for this woman at the mental health center last Wednesday and the bitch still hasn't called me back. I swear it's just me. I bet anyone else that left a message had their call returned the same or even the next day. I'd be willing to bet both my arms on it. Suppose it wouldn't have mattered much if she had called today because I wasn't home, but she sure as hell could have at least tried returning my call. What the fuck do people think you leave messages for? Hell I even make sure to spell my name and say my phone# slowly so they don't have to keep repeating the message just to get that info. So now I'll call again tomorrow and be pissy if I have to leave another message. This is the last fucking time I'm calling anyone there. Like I said, I'm just torturing myself anyway.

The kiddie & I spent the day in the city shopping. Took her for her first thrift store excursion...but I don't think she got it. I kept picking out clothes that could be put with some of the things she already has to make some real funky outfits, but she couldn't picture what I was trying to do. She'd just see the one shirt I'd be holding up and say no based on the color or pattern. Ended up with just a black skirt, black dress and a black shirt. Also got her a black & pink skirt at another store (finally, some color) and a grey sweater at another.

We also added to our music collection...Blink 182's latest, 2 of Sum 41's older cds, Korn's greatest hits and The Cure's greatest hits. The kiddie was curious about The Cure after finding out that Good Charlotte said they were one of their major influences. I have all the old Cure stuff but it's on vinyl and have no turntable to play them on, so I figured I'd buy the greatest hits so she could have a listen.

Did a hell of a lot of walking. Everything has changed in that neighborhood since I hung out there with any regularity. Of course that was 10 yrs ago, so I should have known it would be different. I just never expected almost everything to be different. The health food store with the best scones in the world is no longer there and in its place is a Caribou Coffee...which is stupid because two blocks east is a another Caribou and a Starbucks. All the little shops that sold antiques or trinkets or candles or even most of the second hand stores are all gone. Now there is Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Home Depot, Cost Plus World Market, Gap...all the fucking shit that was always reserved for the suburbs has now invaded the old city neighborhood. Personally, I find it revolting. I originally moved into the city to get the fuck out of the suburbs and now the suburban life style has taken over the city. I never would have left the city if the schools didn't suck ass. Used to say I'd move back in a heartbeat, but after wandering around there today..I'd have to find a whole different neighborhood to move into.


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