Monday, September 05, 2005

A job

Tomorrow I may have a job. It's just a one or two day thing, helping out a friend, but it will at least get me out of the house. It was mentioned a few weeks ago but nothing happened until last week when at the last minute I was asked if I could go in. Unfortunately I was busy so she mentioned she'd be going back there on Tuesday, so hopefully she'll give me a call in the morning. I'd just be approving or denying applications for the free or reduced lunch program at a school.

I have some knowledge of the program since last year I qualified for my daughter to receive free lunches and this year we qualified for the reduced lunch. But I don't know what the approval process consists of. My friend said it wasn't difficult, so I'm hoping I can quell the noise in my head with some Seroquel before I go do it. Otherwise, I may not be able to concentrate well enough to be of any help.

The only real concern I have is that I may have to interact with nuns. My friend oversees the lunch program for the catholic schools in the greater Chicago area. I just feel really weird whenever I set foot in any type of religious building. Just this obscene feeling that I am SOOOOOOOOOO not supposed to be in there. Kind of like when I'd go into my parent's room as a kid (heck, even to this day) I'd get this feeling I've crossed an invisible barrier and I'm breaking some major law that I'll be punished for big time if anyone ever figures out I was there. I know, that's weird.

It won't be much money. Depending on how many hours I put it, it might be a couple hundred. But at this point anything will help because most of my money has been going to help support the ex. In the last two weeks I've given him about $200 for gas and to get a tire fixed on his car. My thought being that I know I can collect from him at some point (I am keeping a running total), and if he isn't able to get to & from work, he'll never be able to pay me child support. Plus my daughter has to ride in that car at times. I don't want her getting in there if it's unsafe. I insisted on paying for the tire, otherwise I don't think he'd have replaced it until it blew. At which point his spare is fucked so he'd have to call for a tow or call to have me pick him up from wherever. It was just cheaper and easier for me to pay for it up front.

Now all he needs is to get an oil change, replace the brakes, get an alignment so he doesn't keep wearing thru tires so fast and buy a new spare. I'm sure he'll probably come to me for money to help. My concern now is the brakes. Somewhere between the last tire blowing out and 2 weeks ago when we tried to get a tire replaced, the wheel lock key got lost. So he can't get the tires off to get to the brakes until he gets a replacement key, which had to be ordered via mail and gawd only knows how long it will take to be shipped. Hopefully it gets here before the brakes wear out completely.

This man really needs to take better care of his car. We both have pretty much the exact same car. Same year, make, model, color, options, etc. Think there are only one or two differences. I got mine about 8 months before he bought his and I have the car that's in far better shape. If I ever get around to cleaning mine, it still looks fairly new. Hell, these cars are only 2003 models. They aren't that old and already his is fucked up. Of course, he fucked up just about every car we had during our 12 yrs together...there were six, not including the two we currently own.

Anyway, I went to the book store today. The kiddie went out and I didn't feel like staying in. I bought 2 puzzle books (one logic and the other lateral thinking cuz I love puzzles of any kind), Black Creek Crossing by John Saul (didn't realize I was two books behind on his stuff, but I'll wait til the most recent is in paperback before I buy it) and The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh. I don't plan on becoming a buddhist at the moment, but I know some of the core ideas behind DBT relate to buddhism, so I thought I'd explore it. Besides, this book was $20 cheaper than the DBT workbook.

So now I have plenty of stuff to read. Trying to get thru the library books first though cuz they are due next week. Plus I have a shitload of movies to watch. The ex gave me three, plus I have countless others that I've purchased and never opened. Plenty of stuff to keep me distracted from my misery.


Blogger Polar Bear said...

Cool. I love John Saul. I didn't know he was still writing. His latest will probably take a while to get here. But I'll keep a look out for it!

Glad you've got stuff to keep you distracted for now, Sid.

Take care

12:41 AM, September 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sid,
Glad to hear about your job. Glad things are looking up.
I posted an entry over at Shadows. Not sure though if Ill be able to continue, but Ill try. See ya.


11:11 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger mizeeyore said...

big ups to you hon about the job! i hope it works out for ya and i hope and pray that things will take a positive turn in your life. btw thanks for the posts on my blog!

take care of yourself because there's only one YOU!


miz e

4:30 PM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger James said...

Yey on the job!!!! I had to laugh when you mentioned the parent's room barrier. I feel the same thing to this day!! How funny.

5:24 PM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger borderline savvy said...

Hey Sid,
Great news on the job! I have the Thich Nhat Hanh book and I really enjoy it. I don't know how much insight it will give you on DBT. Sometimes I get confused between the two. Maybe you'll see some commonalities.

I'm also glad you have some things to distract you now. That's what I need.


8:54 PM, September 08, 2005  

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