Friday, September 02, 2005

Too late for help

Help has finally arrived for those trapped at the convention center in New Orleans, but it's too late for those that have already died. Too late for those that have been raped, beaten and/or robbed. Right now the focus needs to be on getting all the survivors out, but I think a number of things need to be done very soon as well...

1) The director of FEMA, Michael Brown, needs to be fired immediately. It'd be nice if the fucker was made to live inside the filth and stench of the convention center for 5 days with no food, water, electricity or bathroom facilities, provide him with no information about when help might be on the way or give him empty promises, and see how fucking calm he remains. See if he doesn't loot stores trying to survive.

2) Mayor Ray Nagin needs to resign or at the very least be voted out of office. Sure he did a lot of talking and asking for help, but where the fuck was his leadership when his city was falling into anarchy? Was he in the trenches trying to help as Rudolph Giuliani was on 9/11? No...the fucker was probably sitting in some five-star hotel doing all his talking via the phone...until the president showed up at least. Put his ass in the convention center with Brown.

3) Restitution should be made to all those people forced to stay in those subhuman conditions while the local, state and federal governments pussy-footed around and delayed getting help into the city.

I'll stop with those three because the whole situation has me pissed off and I could probably make a list of hundreds of things they have to do.

Why is it that the quality of so much of America's infrastructure is based on saving money rather than saving lives and being of high quality to withstand more? More to the point, who the fuck is it that is deciding that it's cheaper to go with shoddy, low-cost shit?? The levies holding the water back were only designed to withstand a category 3 hurricane because it was deemed too costly to build them to withstand a level 5 one. How much more has it cost us in deaths now that those levies have failed? How much more will it cost to repair all the damage done to the city, PLUS rebuild or fortify the levies?? We didn't save cost us far more and I think the human toll is unacceptable.


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