Friday, August 11, 2006

No title cuz I'm drawning a blank

No FOAD post yesterday cuz I wasn't home at all until well after 1 am. Had school registration for the kiddie in the morning, which would have made for one long ass fucking FOAD post with all the fucking idiots there. But unfortunately we needed to hightail it up to Milwaukee immediately afterwards for the X & Rollins Band show so I didn't get to write it.

The show was alright. I have to figure out who the opening band was because they were actually really good, better than Rollins Band, but I'm not a big fan of them anyway. It was awesome to see Henry Rollins giving it 250% at his age, think he's 45 now, but he was so sweaty that the only clothing he had on (his shorts) were soaked & he had to keep mopping up the stage underneath him so he didn't slip. I wanted to hurl.

X were awesome, but time has not been good to Exene Cervenka, she is sooooo not aging well. Still has a great voice, but she's looking real old and frumpy. She used to be so hot. We didn't stay for their whole show though because the kiddie wasn't enjoying herself and it was already after 11 pm when we left.

The ride home should have only been one & a half hours, but due to road construction in Wisconsin & Illinois, it took over 2 hours. That's another thing I could have done a FOAD post about because I don't see the need to shut down all but one lane for miles for about 100 ft of road work in the middle of the night. It would also be nice if in Wisconsin when they're going to shut down your exit/entrance ramp, they at least detour you to another one. We had to find our own way around cuz there were no detour signs anywhere. Luckily Milwaukee is pretty much like Chicago, most roads run north/south or east/west.

Today was a wash of a day. I haven't been sleeping much lately so I basically sat here and stared off into space. Had to of because the day passed and I didn't do a whole lot. Started cleaning cuz I can't come home to a dirty house after vacation. Plus I cleaned the windows of my car and some of the interior.

Tomorrow we have another concert, Plain White T's, which I'm the chauffeur and escort of four teens for. I like their music so it should be fun. But we have to leave here for that show in Chicago at 4:30 pm. Doesn't leave me much time before hand to get stuff done for our trip. So I pretty much have to do everything Sunday. I'm going to be running around that day, all fucking day, plus I'll have to do laundry and pack cuz Monday I see the pdoc about this stupid fucking implant and then we're leaving immediately after that.

When I come back from vacation, I'm going to need another vacation...from reality, or whatever this horror I'm living right now is.


Blogger anna said...

Concert! I haven't been to a concernt in sooooooo long girl. I envy you for gettin' to go out. I like Henry Rollins, just listened to his show.

Remember what I said about if you ever need to really talk to me. I don't want you sitting around being sad and depressed. We can talk and you can laugh at my redneck Southern accent. :)))


7:45 AM, August 12, 2006  

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