Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Out of the Darkness walks

Because I did the Out of the Darkness Overnight walk to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention last year, I get quarterly newsletters from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the organization behind the walk. I am upset that I was not able to participate in the San Francisco walk last month, nor will I be able to do the Chicago walk coming up on August 12-13th. Last year's walk was just far too trying on me mentally, emotionally and physically. Given my surgeries and just where I've been at mentally all year I felt signing up was not in my best interest this time. Maybe next year, if they hold the walks again, I'll do them or at least volunteer somewhere along the 20 mile route.

I'm glad I receive these newsletters because in the latest edition, they reminded me that they are again holding the neighborhood walks across the United States. Fundraising is optional for these and the routes are typically 5 miles or less. I do plan to get a group of people together to walk with me here in Chicago and I will ask them to try to raise some funds, even if it's only $5.

If interested in getting further information and/or finding a community walk near you, please go to the following link:

Out of the Darkness Community Walk

I hope everyone that can will consider taking part in such a worthwhile cause, if only to walk and show your support.


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