Sunday, July 15, 2007

Video of the week - Box Car Racer

This is probably the first love song I've picked for video of the week and could very well be the only love song I ever pick. Not that I have anything against the topic of love, it just doesn't come up much in the music I prefer to listen to. Of course this isn't a traditional love ballad either.

This group was a side project that Tom DeLonge formed in 2002 while Blink 182 was still together. He wanted to experiment with music that didn't quite fit with what Blink was known for and Box Car Racer was the result. Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink, was also involved in this project, as was David Kennedy of the band Hazen Street and a friend of his, Anthony Celestino. (Can't remember if I ever posted about it, but the kiddie and I met David and the other members of Hazen Street back in 2004 when they opened for Good Charlotte.)

The band released a self-titled cd in 2002 and after touring in support of it, they called it quits in 2003. A lot of speculation was made that this side project created tension between Tom and Mark Hoppus, the other member of Blink; and that an escalation of the tension is what eventually lead to Blink breaking up in 2005.

Box Car Racer was a short-lived project, but it produced some really good songs.


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