Friday, June 29, 2007

Video of the week - Shiny Toy Guns

Finally decided to update the video selection. I'd hoped to do it weekly, but the negatives of life usually get in the way of any plans I try to make. I'm trying to ignore the bad right now though and concentrate on the good, which for me is music, and that's why I'm here updating it.

It's always tough to decide who to go with because there is just so much music that I love, both old and new. I ended up choosing Shiny Toy Guns because they are a new group, yet remind me of many of the old bands I listened to in the 80's.

I first heard of this band late last year thru My Space of all places. I don't have an account on there myself, so when I log on to check the kiddie's activities, I usually peruse the site for new music. I fell in love with these guys instantly. I'm glad they were added to the playlist of the radio station I listen to the most, Q101, which brought them to town for the Block Party concert I went to a couple of weekends ago.

They play well live in terms of sound, but their stage presence still needs quite a bit of work. They didn't seem to connect with the audience, and while I could blame that on the fact that they are still such a new band that most people in the audience didn't even know them, I've seen other bands in the same position that have been able to overcome that obstacle. Other bands, that despite not being known put on such an enthusiastic performance that by the end of their set you wanted to run out and buy their cd.

Can't wait to see where they go in the future. Hopefully they'll be around for awhile.


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