Sunday, June 17, 2007

Block Party

It's been awhile since I've updated the video of the week and it's not being updated now either. There's just too much other stuff I'm dealing with that making sure there's some new music on here is the least of my worries. Rather than go into all the depressing details of what's been going on (they'll probably be posted tomorrow, along with a post about being tagged recently for a thinking blog award), here are a few pictures we took of Sum 41 at the Q101 Block Party the kiddie and I went to on Saturday. We ended up in the front row and since we were there specifically to see Sum 41, the kiddie snapped over 150 pictures of the band.

The first band to play was Shiny Toy Guns. I really like them because their sound is reminiscent of some of the alternative bands I was into in the 80's like Xmal Deutschland and Clan of Xymox. Didn't get any pics of them because it was raining during their set and the kiddie didn't want to risk water damage to her camera.

The second band was The Bravery, another band that clearly was inspired by a lot of the music I listened to in the 80's. Didn't take any pics of them because, well...they don't have much stage presence. Other than the bass player, they aren't worth looking at and we didn't take pics of the bass player cuz he didn't seem to be enjoying himself. He never once even cracked the slightest smile or showed any hint that he actually likes what he does for a living.

Sum 41 was next and then Good Charlotte finished the night. I like all of Good Charlotte's music up until their newest cd, which really sucks ass and I'm glad we never bought it. This was about the 5th time we've seen them play live, and this is the first time they were horrible. Joel's voice kept cracking and he seemed to get so winded that he could barely catch his breath to sing the next verse. They were so bad that we ended up leaving before their set was over.

Sum 41 didn't disappoint at all. They always put on an amazing live show. Full of energy. You can tell they love what they do, that they were born to be performers. I just hope they come back again later this summer or in the fall because their new cd doesn't drop until next month.

A nice fresh start, during their first song, before they got all hot and sweaty.

My daughter is in love with this guy, Cone. She says he's cute in a strange way. Must be an extremely strange way because even my crazy ass doesn't see it.

Looks like someone else is pointing to Deryck's chest, but that is actually his arm. Just a weird angle.

A snapshot of one of Cone's typical weird faces he makes while playing his bass. No, his name isn't really Cone, that's just his nickname. His real name is Jason. The kiddie even finds this kind of facial expression attractive.


Anonymous Borderlinecrazy said...

I love Shiny Toy Guns! They were in my town not too long ago, and I was having a haircut across the street from the giant bar where they were going to play. They came in to get their hair punked out for the show, and I was all star-struck. I didn't get to go to the show...lucky you for going!

7:54 AM, June 18, 2007  

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