Sunday, July 08, 2007

Video of the week - Blink 182

Been listening a lot to the bands the members of Blink 182 formed after splitting up in 2005, which is what made me decide to go with a Blink video this week. Figured why not start from the beginning and each subsequent week I can post videos of the other bands they split off into.

It was tough to decide on a video because they released so many. Wasn't sure if I should just go with one of their signature catchy tunes with upbeat music and what is often referred to as "toilet humor" lyrics. I instead opted to go with one of my favorites, which is a song that shows that Blink wasn't just about the toilet humor. They also recorded many songs that had a deeper meaning and are quite melodic.

"Adam's Song" was included on their cd Enema of the State which was released in 1999. This particular one I relate to because it's about things I'm extremely familiar with...depression and suicide. Even if you don't like the genre of music, I hope you'll listen to the lyrics because they are more poignant than depressing.

I've been a fan of Blink's since 1997 when their second cd dropped called Dude Ranch which was their first major label release. Their first cd dropped in 1994 when they were still signed with a small indie label. Like a lot of fans I was shocked and pissed when they split because it seemed so sudden and there was initially no explanation offered for it. While I keep hoping that some day they'll get back together, I'm happy they have gone on and done other projects. I'll just keep on enjoying those and all the old Blink cds, which I still listen to regularly.


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