Saturday, May 10, 2008

Changed things up

To take my mind off the soul-sucking depression, I decided to change things around a little on my blog. I didn't spend much time being creative. I just went with the first idea that popped into my head, and things went rather quickly after that. I've changed things up often enough that it doesn't take long to switch out headers and titles.

I finally also added some new music. Sick Puppies are originally from Australia, but have transplanted themselves to Los Angeles. It is because of them that you cannot attend any music festival without seeing dozens of people with signs or t-shirts offering "free hugs". The explanation behind that whole phenomenon is posted on their MySpace page, a link to which is provide just above the video player.

I chose the song "My World", because it's their most recent single and the one that currently gets the most airplay on the radio station I listen to. It's sad, it's angry and I can relate to that very well. Probably not something I should be listening to right because it will just feed the negativity in my head, but I don't typically play the videos on my page after I post them. They're there to give others the opportunity to hear music they might not otherwise listen to. My way of bringing new music to the masses.