Thursday, June 16, 2011


Surprisingly, the visit with the disability coordinator didn't go as horribly as I thought it might. I was worried they would ask for additional documentation from her doctor, which would be all but impossible to get because it took forever just to get the scant information we did from him and she hasn't seen him since due to a lack of insurance coverage, but that wasn't the case. The meeting consisted of the kiddie telling them what accommodations she had at her old school and what accommodations she needs at the new one.

Housing was brought up and the kiddie, well she...Shocked. The. Hell. Out. Of. Me. She told the counselor that she wasn't opposed to rooming with someone else, she just needed accessible housing that was closer to campus. She very calmly and intelligently explained why a single would be preferable and would better meet her needs, and how her illness might negatively impact a roommate if she did have one. The counselor was very receptive and said she'd do what she could. Given that room assignments have already gone out, she said it might take a little while before something opens up, but that she'd put the kiddie on the priority housing list and not to be discouraged if we don't hear anything back right away.

Luckily rooms tend to open up more frequently than they did at her old school because they don't accept more freshman & sophomore students than they have housing for (shame on the public colleges for doing that). They also don't put a freeze on room assignments. At her last college, once you were assigned to a room, you couldn't change it until two weeks into the school year (unless you were super lucky, had a medical reason for needing to switch AND there was an available bed at the particular time you what happened for us).

After our meeting, we went to Water Tower for some lunch and some shopping. We also stopped at another mall on the way home, mostly to see if the store the kiddie applied at was still hiring because she hadn't heard anything back from them. They are, but want someone long term, not just for the summer.

Overall it was a good, but busy day. I stayed up too late to take some Restoril the night before so I ended up only getting an hour of sleep. After doing so much on so little sleep I figured I'd be out like a light last night. No such luck. While I did get some sleep, I kept waking up every couple of hours. That's been par for the course lately though. Last night of solid sleep I got was three weeks ago.

Haven't done much today. I'm getting tired of seeing the kiddie's stuff all over the living room, so I straightened some of it up. It's hard because she's kinda sorta living out of storage containers. Seems pointless to completely unpack everything only to have to pack it up again in 2 months, so she's just been pulling things out as she needs them. Just wish she wasn't such a slob and would put the stuff back in the containers she pulled out trying to find whatever it was she needed.

Update: That was fast. She got an email today that she got her own apartment, no roommates (except her boyfriend). She's a happy camper.


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Yay! Small victory!

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