Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Suck it up

It's quickly approaching 5 pm and I'm still debating on whether or not to shower so I can go to a DBSA meeting tonight. A part of my brain thinks it would be good to be around supportive people that understand mental illness. The rest just keeps reminding me that I was out of the house all weekend, for several hours yesterday and that I'll be out of the house most of the day tomorrow so I should take a day to do absolutely nothing in order to keep my anxiety low. Unfortunately, the battle of whether to go or not is already increasing my anxiety.

Tomorrow the kiddie and I have an appointment to meet with someone in the disability office at the college she's transferring to. I'm not looking forward to it because I know the only accommodation the kiddie really wants from them is to be moved into a single so she doesn't have any roommates. I doubt they will do that because there is no medical reason why she needs a single. It was just a stroke of luck that she was able to get into one at her old college.

As it currently stands, she's been placed in a quad with 2 other roommates. In this instance, a quad is a two bedroom/two bath apartment. If a 4th person isn't placed there, she could possibly end up with her own room, if the other two girls know each other and/or wouldn't mind rooming together. Then she'd just have to share the living room and kitchen, but even that isn't acceptable to her.

I haven't discussed the housing situation with her because she found out her room assignment while we were at the Special Olympics this weekend. I knew what her response would be so I didn't make a single comment once she told me she was in a quad. I think she should just suck it up and try living with others instead of being so stubbornly against the idea. Trying to persuade her to even being open to the idea will just end up in a huge argument, like it did when she initially was choosing her housing preference. And like it did when she got her first housing assignment at her old college.

Part of the reason she wants a single is because her boyfriend is also transferring to the same school, but he has chosen to be a commuter student because he doesn't want to have a roommate either. If she has her own place, he can basically move in with her instead of commuting. There's no way I'll let my daughter commute, because of the distance (it's approximately a 2 hour commute each way) and her medical problems. It would be too much of a drain on her physically and emotionally.

Another idea that's been mentioned, but no one's seriously looked into it, is for the two of them to get an apartment of their own off campus. If they split the cost, it'd be cheaper than the university apartment, even when you add in the utilities. I'm actually all for that idea because it makes more sense financially, especially in the long run. They'd need to buy some cheap furniture, but I have everything they'd need for the kitchen packed up in boxes in the garage. They'd then have a place of their own all year round, not just during the school year, and hopefully they wouldn't have to move for the next three years.

Guess we'll see what happens after we talk to the disability counselor. Maybe they'll move her to a single, if only because the apartment she's currently been placed in is several blocks from the campus.


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