Thursday, April 21, 2011

Public enemy #1

I noticed a few days ago that someone had deleted me as a friend on Facebook. Normally I don't care, but this time it turned out to be my brother-in-law, so I sent my sister a message asking if it was an accident or on purpose, to which she never replied.

Last night I found out he had also deleted my daughter. No one else, just me and my daughter. So I send another message to my sister, this time thanking her for bringing my daughter to see me in the hospital and apologizing for causing everyone to worry about me when there were others in the family with bigger my brother-in-law who was scheduled to undergo surgery 4 days after I tried to kill myself
to remove his cancerous thyroid. I said I hoped he was recovering well from his surgery and I was glad he was home.

My sister finally responds and says something to the effect of he's having a really hard time with what happened, please understand. I don't know if that means my trying to kill myself or his having cancer or both. I've been told he's the one that came to the house after I sent the text to my sister, but I don't think he's the one that found me because I was told that the police had to "secure the area" before he was allowed into the house, so I'm guessing he called 911 on his way over here. I honestly don't know what happened when he arrived at the house because I wasn't conscious, and if I was, I was so far gone from the pills I took that I don't remember any of it.

In any case, I can see him being upset with me. He's fighting to live, while I'm fighting to die. I get it. But why delete my daughter too? And surprisingly, not delete her boyfriend? If he sees "my" family as public enemy #1 and wants nothing to do with us, the boyfriend is a part of "my" family, not his.

I am hurt by his actions, especially with respect to my daughter, but I'm trying not to let this whole thing bother me too much. I've known the guy since junior high and I know he's the type of person that makes rash, emotionally charged decisions, so I'm sure once more time has passed he'll probably add me as a friend again. Of course there's no guarantee that I'll accept his add if he does try to refriend me, because I too make emotionally charged decisions at times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh girl, he is probably just shaken like you said earlier he is fighting to live and stay positive and he may have just made a rash decision he will later regret. Anyhow rise above it and if he does request your friendship then accept it cause I can tell you love your brother in law. Sorry he hurt your feelings but always is only facebook, not life. lol

7:59 AM, April 22, 2011  

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