Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just to be sure

"history has proven that most people can't be trusted to do their jobs accurately"

The above is a quote from my last post, which once again has been proven to be 100% accurate.

Went to get the blood work done and I was told now that the order has been entered into the system, I won't need to go to registration each time I come in, I can head straight to the lab and they'll handle everything from there. But shortly after telling me that, they tell me that they close accounts monthly, bi-weekly and sometimes even weekly and I might need to register again. This made absolutely no sense to me at all (and still doesn't), but I was feeling too sick at the time to even bother asking why my account would be closed after they had just entered an order that says I have to come back every week for the next six months for blood work. Instead I make a mental note: bring a copy of the order and my insurance cards with every week cuz I'll apparently never know when, or if, my account will be closed and I'll need to supply them with that information again.

I then mention that I need to have the results faxed to the pharmacy weekly. The woman tells me that is something that is handled by the lab department and when I go over there to make sure I mention it to them because I'll need to sign a release. I'm handed some papers to sign and then given a packet of stuff to give to the person manning the lab desk.

Head across the waiting room and hand the paperwork I have off to the lab clerk. I tell him about needing to have the results faxed to the pharmacy weekly and that I was told I needed to sign a release. He tells me that since it's Walgreens, a major pharmacy, I don't need to sign a release. He just writes the fax# down on the paperwork I had given him. I'm then handed one of those buzzer thingies, like the ones they have at restaurants that goes off when they have your table ready, and told to take a seat in the waiting area. Given the HIPAA laws regarding privacy, I was feeling extremely uneasy about him telling me I don't need to sign a release, but once again, I'm feeling way too sick to bother arguing the point with him, I really just needed to sit down before I passed out.

As I'm waiting for my buzzer thingy to go off, I notice a woman come to the lab desk and the guy leaves. From my vantage point, it appeared as if he was just filling in for her while she was on a break (I did go around lunchtime). I ponder whether or not I should go ask this new person about the release and after about 5 minutes I finally decide I'd better, just to be sure. The woman's response? You guessed it...of course I need to sign a release. The stupid dumbass sitting there before didn't know what the fuck he was talking about and if I hadn't bothered to ask a second person, I would be calling the pharmacy on Friday asking if they had gotten my results, which would have been a no, and then would have had to make another trip out to the hospital to sign the release.

I was told the lab results would be faxed over within 24 hours, so I think I might call the pharmacy tomorrow evening instead of on Friday. I still need to find out from the pharmacy if this prescription will be automatically refilled each week after they receive the lab results or if I'll need to call in for a refill myself each time. I'd also like to know if I can pick the prescription up on Friday instead of Saturday and what happens if I go out of town for the weekend. Will I be able to pick the pills up on Thursday if needed.

Of course all this might just be a moot point come Friday when I see the pdoc again. This stuff is making me feel so sick that even complete strangers are looking at me and asking if I'm okay, I look that physically drained.


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