Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Meds are screwing me up

I'm thinking the Zoloft or Neurontin isn't agreeing with me. My head has felt so strange since I started on this stuff. Headaches, a constant pressure on the right side of my head above my ear, extreme confusion that's been worse than what's typical for me lately. I feel medicated, a feeling I hate and was one of the reasons I went off all the meds in November. Maybe I'm expecting too much from any medications. Not only do I want this depression to lift, but I also want to feel clarity. I want the haze and noise cluttering my brain to dissipate. Aren't some of these meds I've been on supposed to do that?

Guess I'm just expecting all these problems to lift as suddenly as they seemed to set in. One day I'm out working, being a wife and a mother then the next I'm this non-functioning waste of space. And they say the symptoms of borderline typically lessen with age...go figure.

I've gotten quite a few replies to the singles ad I placed on yahoo. Haven't responded to any of them. Not even sure why I placed the ad, cuz I probably won't respond to anyone. Maybe just to feel like men might still possibly have an interest in me. For just an instant to not feel like an ugly, fat, disgusting troll. One guy apparently either liked my pic a lot or is extremely desperate cuz he gave me his phone#...I'm guessing the latter. I'd never give my # out to someone I don't know. Never know what kinda psychos are out there (looking at self in mirror).

Guess I'd best try & get some sleep. Gotta be up in 7 hrs to get the kiddie to school and lately it takes over 2 hrs for me to fall asleep.


Blogger blogster12 said...

It's probably the nuerontin (however you spell it). I was on it before and I'll never go back on it again. Here's why; one day I went to work and I completely forgot how to do the simplest of tasks. My mind just blanked on me. It was frightening!

12:47 AM, March 15, 2005  

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