Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Sometimes it's sooooooooooooooo good to be able to sleep. I only got up once last night and probably slept a total of at least 10 hours. Oh gawd that was better than sex and I only took half a pill of Seroquel. I figured I'd been off it a month so 100 mgs would do me nicely and it sure did. Plus this way if something happens and I can't get my hands on any more Seroquel, I'll at least have some pills left over. I'll use them wisely. Keep taking half pills until next month and then see what happens.

Of course I'm crampy and all that other not so fun girl stuff, so that probably aided in my sleeping so much. I just stayed in bed. Didn't even bother to go to my groups today. To allay any thoughts of hypocrisy about not showing up for groups cuz I was pissed about the fucks not showing up for DBT...the groups I do during the day are optional. You aren't expected to show up at any specific ones and you can even go to different ones than you usually do if you're so inclined. The DBT was a commitment though. We all signed forms saying we agreed to take part in it and follow the rules, which included calling if you're not going to be there, try hard not to miss any groups and if you miss three in a row they'll drop you from the group.

So last night, more people showed up. At first there were four of us, then another four showed up from 10 mins to half an hour late. I of course was then pissed off about these fucks showing up late, not bringing their binders with and interrupting the group. I think they need a new rule. If you're more than 5 mins late, you have to wait until break time to join in with the group. It's fucking rude to just be strolling in at any old time. It's distracting too. The two that were the latest said it was better to show up late than not at all. I so fucking wanted to yell out they shouldn't show up at all unless they can be on time. Is this how they are with their other commitments? Are they late and unprepared for work, weddings, funerals, getting their kids to school, etc, etc??


Blogger marie said...

Sid, happy to hear that you are finally able to sleep. I spent 4 days in a row in an insomina marathon but I am sleeping better now.

I think it is cool that you daughter like animals. I was fortunate enough in 2000 to go to the Bahamas. There I was able to swim and touch a dolphin. That was the highlight of the trip.

If I ever get the pleasure to meet you I will share the pictures with you.

Take care

3:48 AM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger BipolarPrincess said...

So glad you got your meds, just be careful! Hopefully we can get together soon, have a great Christmas!


8:45 AM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

Hey Sid,
Glad you finally got your Seroquel back. I find Seroquel very helpful for sleep as well, even though I have been taking it for well over a year and a half now...

I agree that people late for DBT group are annoying. My group members tend to get there on time, so I have no gripes with them, but I do know I'd be angry if people walked in at any old time. You're right, of course it is a commitment, and it is rude not to adhere to the rules you have agreed to.

Take good care of yourself.
Polar Bear

11:15 PM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger James said...

Ahhh sleep is like gold for us loonies. I use to only sleep for like 4 hours max a night but since sugerquel I am out and snoring all night.

I agree that it is totally rude for those folks to show up late. I am always a stickler on time. I am almost always on time for everything and even a lot of the time early. I guess it's my ocd coming through.

7:16 PM, December 23, 2005  

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