Monday, December 18, 2006


They did confront me about why I left the group last week. Rather than talk to me alone about it, the fucking asshole that ran the group decided to interrupt my therapy appointment and confront me in front of my therapist. I had shared with her what happened prior to this dick coming in the room, but still...I felt it was totally inappropriate for him to do that. It was as if he didn't have the balls to talk to me in private about it.

I have to meet with whimpy dick fuck (think that's what I called him a year ago, it's the same guy I had to deal with last time I tried to do these groups & he hasn't changed any) tomorrow at 9:30 am so I will make it a point to tell him straight out how I felt about him intruding in on my therapy session.

I had a confrontation with one of the other group leaders today as well. This time it was the social skills group. They gave us a sheet with various scenarios on it of difficult situations that might come up in conversation. They then split us into groups and we had discuss how we'd handle them.

One of the scenarios given to my group was "A friend tells you that he is involved with a married woman". My response was that I'd call him on it and tell him how stupid I thought he was. Let him know that I believe infidelity is wrong regardless of the circumstances and that I don't want to hear anything further about the relationship if he's going to stay involved in it.

Apparently, in the eyes of the rest of the group and the leader, that is the wrong response. I was told that I should be empathetic?!? Empathetic about what? Why would I have any empathy for someone getting themselves involved in a fucked up situation that is completely avoidable? Most of the other responses from the group were to say I'm sorry to the guy and ask if he's thought about the implications of his actions and how he might be hurting this woman's family. Excuse me? What the hell are they apologizing for?

We then move on to another scenario which was "Someone makes a racial joke". Apparently it is completely acceptable to confront someone for doing this and the leader said that was the best course of action for this one.

So I ask, why is it ok to confront "someone" (it didn't mention friend or relative in this scenario like it did for all the others) for telling a racial joke and not a friend that's involved in adultery. The decision to confront someone in either situation would be dependent on your own personal morals and views on the subject, as well as your relationship with them. Certainly someone that holds the same racial bias isn't going to confront the person telling the joke, nor would most people confront a stranger for telling such a joke. So why can't I confront a "friend" about something I feel they are doing that's inappropriate?

All I got was "this is something we can discuss after group". I'm thinking I'm either too honest and blunt with family & friends, too socially retarded to know the best way of dealing with anyone, or the rest of the group is hung up on being politically correct. I'm sorry, but I don't do political correctness.


Blogger James said...

That was HIGHLY inappropriate for that guy to walk into your session. There is a fine line between helping and hurting and this guy apparently doesn't know where that line is.

I can't stand nosey people who think they know all about you and think they know all the answers.

He needs to focus on his own damn problems and issues.

3:59 PM, December 19, 2006  

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