Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hasn't bothered to call

Since the cellphones have been shut off for lack of payment by the ex, we haven't heard from him all week. I had kind of expected them to be turned back on after he got paid on Friday, but still nothing. He also hasn't bothered to call us from another phone, to let us know what's going on, to check in on his daughter, to simply let us know he's still alive. His cellphone is the only # we have for him, so without that working, there's no way we can get in touch with him unless we drive out to his place.

While it bothers me a bit that the phones are off because he simply didn't, or more likely couldn't afford to pay the bill, it bothers me a hell of a lot more that he hasn't called his daughter. I don't know if there is a land-line at the house he rents a room in, but if not, certainly one of his roommates has a cellphone he could borrow for a minute or there has to be a pay phone somewhere nearby he could use. Sunday is his day with her and he didn't call to let her know if he'd be picking her up or not. He just didn't show.

I'll refrain from making any further comments on the situation until I find out what is truly going on. I'd feel really guilty if I start bashing him and it turns out he was hurt or sick and in the hospital or something. Maybe I'll drive out there tomorrow evening and see what's going on.

Finally did take the Seroquel last night (well, really this morning) at about 3 am. Once again I only managed half a dose, which is also all I'm going to take tonight. I pulled out my stockpile of pills and put aside some Valium in preparation for tomorrow. I think I'm going to need to take some just to get myself to leave the house in the morning for these groups. Hopefully all will go smoothly.


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