Thursday, December 07, 2006

Feeling like crap

I feel like crap, both physically and mentally. I've had a mild headache that has now lasted three days straight. Despite taking ibuprofen it just won't go away. If this is a sign that I'm coming down with the flu or something I can only hope that it strengthens into a deadly form of pneumonia. But then again, I'm just not that lucky.

Finally heard from the state about the insurance for the kiddie. Of course it makes no sense whatsoever. She is approved for benefits for 2007, though it won't be free because I make too much money. That's a laugh because I hardly get anything for disability. It's not even enough to live on my own with, how is that too much money? Plus I qualify for free Medicaid, why wouldn't my child?

They haven't made a decision about back-dating the coverage to September when she incurred the ER bill though, which is what I really need to have worked out because the hospital is still threatening collections. Guess I need to get on the phone with these people first thing in the morning and find out what the hell is going on. I'm so not in the mood to deal with this, but I really don't have a choice.

Guess I'll just get to bed now. Maybe the extra sleep will help me feel better in the morning.


Blogger marie said...

Managed Care strikes again! It is a crock of shit! Has anyone ever heard of a lovely thing call Universal Healthcare?

3:23 AM, December 08, 2006  

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