Thursday, December 21, 2006

Multiple FOADS

Boy do I need to do a FOAD post today. I have multiple people I want to tell to fuck off so here goes...

My first fuck off and dies (yes, multiple people are getting this for doing the exact same fucked up thing) go out to the drivers of a white pickup truck, a red Cavalier and a blue SUV. Each of you mother fuckers came within less than an inch of slamming into my car and running me off the road or into oncoming traffic on Tuesday. It was only by my being alert and a bit of sheer luck that you didn't kill me with your dangerous maneuver of trying to squeeze in between my car and the one in front of me, while all of us were driving AT HIGH SPEEDS, when there clearly wasn't room for your car to fit. Your sole purpose for doing this was to get around someone in your own lane rather than slow down and pass them when it was clear for you to do so.

Yes I was forced to slam on my brakes to avoid getting hit by you sons of bitches and I also slammed on my horn. The driver of the white pickup gets a double fuck off and die because he had the balls to flip me off when HE WAS THE ONE THAT ALMOST KILLED ME!

The next fuck off and die goes to my daughter's Spanish teacher and to all the other teachers who seem to find it perfectly acceptable behaviour to insult their students.

My daughter has a very cute outfit that consists of a skirt and a matching vest made from a black & grey plaid material. It almost looks like it could be a school uniform, just with a little more style and it's a little on the dressier side. The skirt length goes down to about mid-thigh. Had she owned this outfit last year it would have easily conformed to the rules her junior high school had that, at a minimum, the hem of all skirts must reach to your finger tips as your arms are held straight down at your sides, a rule that her high school does not have.

This Spanish teacher held my daughter after class on Monday and told her that her skirt was too short. The teacher then proceded to imply that she was a skank and said that if she bent over, her whole ass would be showing. She also stated that the only reason my daughter got away with wearing it is because she's in the gifted academy and those students receive special treatment for being so smart.

First off, I've seen plenty of girls coming and going from the school wearing much shorter skirts than what my daughter had on. Her outfit falls into the conservative category when compared to the micro-mini skirts some of the actual skanks at her school wear.

Secondly, there aren't any rules regarding the length of skirts, though I'm sure they would probably make someone change if their ass was hanging out while they were standing up, which definitely isn't the case with what my daughter had on. I'd never allow her to wear anything that short and she isn't the type of person to even want to.

Thirdly, any skirt that is above the knees has the ability to show off someone's entire ass if they bent over. My daughter is intelligent enough to refrain from doing such a thing. In fact, when she's walking around outside she holds onto the bottom of her skirt to make sure it doesn't fly up in the wind and she also holds onto it when walking up stairs just in case, though her skirt is definitely long enough to keep her covered without holding onto it.

Fourthly, since when did you become the fashion police? If you have an issue with someone's clothing, your job is to send the student to the Dean's office. You're not supposed to hold the kid after class and insult them. She's worn this outfit many times before and you never said anything previously, and NONE of her other teachers find the skirt too short or they would have immediately sent her to the Dean's office.

And finally, just because you seem to have issues with your own IQ and apparently feel extremely threatened by the kids in the academy for their high level of academic achievement doesn't give you the right to belittle someone in order to provide yourself with the illusion you're better than them. It would be wrong of you to do it to another adult, and it is certainly and utterly unacceptable for you to do it to one of your students.

This isn't the first time this teacher has made comments about the academy kids getting away with stuff, though this is the first time I've been made aware of her singling someone out to direct her insecurities at. Maybe she has singled out kids in the past, but no one called her on her shit and she felt empowered to continue to do it. Either way, she picked the wrong kid to say something like this to because neither her father nor I will stand for it. We have made note of everything that transpired, everything that was said and plan to have a meeting with this teacher, the principal and the head of the academy once school resumes after winter break.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first teacher to insult my daughter. In 6th grade, one of her teachers made a big mistake by telling her that her hair was very ugly after she had just gotten some highlights done. That kind of remark was completely uncalled for so we immediately demanded a meeting with the teacher and the principal. While I was completely pissed off over the situation, it turned into a great meeting. My ex actually made the teacher cry and had her profusely apologizing for insulting our child. We told her she was apologizing to the wrong people and demanded that she apologize to our daughter the next day. The kiddie did get the apology and the teacher was a lot nicer to her for the rest of the school year.

So fuck off and die Mrs. Spanish teacher. You're about to get called on your shit and I can guarantee, you're DEFINITELY NOT going to like the outcome.


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