Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another trophy

It's headed towards 5 am and I've spent the last several hours reading all the posts I've made since April. Not for shits and giggles, there was a purpose behind it. I was looking for any mention I might have made about the stupid fuckhead & his latest girlfriend, to see if I could judge just how long they've been together. He at first claimed it was six months. Five minutes later it suddenly became nine months.

The only reason it's any of my concern is because, much to my chagrin and my daughter's, he's decided that now would be a good time to introduce the kiddie to her. Supposedly this isn't a repeat of what happened in January where he just had to have the kiddie meet the chick he had only just started dating that was only a few years older than her. After needlessly forcing the kiddie to endure a very awkward and uncomfortable breakfast, the stupid fuckhead broke up with the chick less than a month later.

Plans for this latest breakfast so her sperm donor can show off his newest trophy were made several days ago, but the kiddie only just told me about it last night. The first thing I asked was why she had agreed to meet this woman, knowing full well she didn't want to. She doesn't want to see her father, why the hell would she want to meet anyone he's dating. She tried to convince me that she honestly didn't care, as if I could be scammed into believing that load of crap. I didn't have to ask why though, I already knew the answer.

So I called him. First to find out just how long they had been together, because I told him last time it was inappropriate to be introducing the kiddie to women he isn't moving in with or getting ready to marry. He only thinks with his dick and I don't want my daughter being subjected to a parade of various women so he can show off how skilled he is at bedding the ladies. That's not something he needs to share with his child.

I also called to tell him the truth that she was too afraid to...she doesn't want to meet this woman. If she had told him, he would have responded with anger, which is exactly why she didn't tell him. Since I was the one to say it, he was defensive and full of excuses.

This man has become so deluded by his own lies that I think he actually believes them, and actually thinks we believe them too. He can't even keep them all straight anymore either. It wasn't that long ago he was denying he even had a girlfriend, even though we both knew he did, yet now he's been seeing her for six...or maybe nine months? He claimed he's never put his girlfriend before his daughter, but he's called both of us on various occasions to cancel plans or we called him to find out if he was planning to attend some school function only to have him say he's busy, and each time we heard the same kid in the background. When asked who the kid is, we've gotten the same's nobody he knows cuz he's at the store, he's outside having a cigarette, he's doing a side job, etc. Does he think we're that retarded that we can't tell it's the same damn kid's voice each time? And yes, the new trophy does have a kid, two of them in fact.

He then goes on about how he's upset that he's lost the bond he had with the kiddie. I told him that's because he never spends any time with her. He's always got an excuse. He tried to turn that around by saying she's always busy too. That pissed me off, so I set him straight. Yes, she has been busy just the last three months or so. Because she got tired of waiting around each Sunday to find out if daddy was "too sick" or "too busy working" or "too broke" or "having car trouble" (my guess is at least 50% of those were lies so he could spend time boning the trophy) to bother to come spend time with her. Why should she have to sit around waiting to be disappointed by him when she could be out having fun with her friends?

After my talk with him, and then my talk with her, I guess they are still going ahead with this breakfast. I told the kiddie she doesn't have to go. He made a comment on the phone about how she's almost 16 and is going to have to learn to deal with uncomfortable situations that will pop up in life. Not really thinking it through, I agreed with him and even told her that it is true. There are going to be circumstances in life where she's going to have to do things she doesn't necessarily want to do. As I was saying that to her it dawned on me, and I followed it up with...she is almost 16, it is HER choice if she wants to spend time with or avoid her father or anyone else that she knows will put her into the position of feeling uncomfortable.

Guess I should prepare myself for the rant she's going to go off on once she gets dropped off at home afterwards. I know she's not going to return a happy camper. Even if she actually likes the woman, she's still going to be upset at her father.


Blogger anna said...

What is it with these lame ex's of ours? My dtr didn't even wanna go to her "dads" for Christmas. It's soooo sad. And even thinking of it as the man's loss isn't even to make the kid feel better.

10:23 AM, December 29, 2007  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

Yes, she is 16 and it is up to her to make her own choice. But I do understand your concern and need to want to protect her as best you can. It is a difficult situation, no doubt about it.

I hope she won't be too badly hurt. I'm sure she will find comfort in your support.

4:20 PM, December 30, 2007  

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