Monday, December 17, 2007

Productive day

Despite sleeping until 1 pm, I managed to have a productive day. Finished the laundry I didn't do yesterday, put up the Christmas decorations (what few I decided to waste my time with), got my mother's present, wrapped all the presents I have so far, balanced my checkbook, paid some bills, went to the post office, helped the kiddie with photos she needed for the calendar she's making as a present for her boyfriend and got the bunny cage cleaned. That's 9 tasks, 8 more than I manage to do on a normal day.

Tomorrow needs to be just as productive, but will probably turn into a nightmare. It's going to start with me calling Medicaid. I never did get an adequate explanation of what's going on with my case, but now my daughter's case is screwed up too. I got a statement, which I typically get at this time of the month, but it shows her coverage is ending as of December 31st, which it shouldn't be. I have a feeling the fucked up status of both is somehow related, but when I went to the local office to talk to my case worker in person since he didn't return any of my phone calls, my daughter's case never came up.

I feel sick to my stomach just thinking of how difficult it is to get things resolved with Medicaid, remembering the complete run-around I've gotten the two times I've had contact with them this month. You call the phone number you have, they tell you they don't handle that & can't help you, then they give you different number to call, and you keep repeating the process until you finally get so fucking fed up you give up trying to get your answer. Unfortunately with this, I can't give up. I need an answer because this is my daughter's medical insurance we're talking about.

I also meet with my pdoc tomorrow. I know he'll ask about whether I have a therapist or not, and luckily now I can tell him I have an appointment scheduled so he can't send me into panic mode with his "I can't treat you unless you're seeing a therapist" line. Can't wait to find out his response to my concerns about the Cytomel.

If the Medicaid issue gets resolved quickly, and I still have time before my pdoc appointment, I have to go to the mall to buy a nice dress. I'm not looking forward to that, since the last fancy dress I bought was probably purchased 10 or more years ago. I hate buying clothes. Nothing looks good on me and everything will probably look even worse since I now have no hair and look like a guy with excessively large manboobs. But I need something nice to wear to the Phantom of the Opera and when we go out to dinner. Got plenty of shoes to chose from, though I'll probably look for new ones anyway.

There is a NAMI meeting tomorrow night, but since it's so close to the holiday, I doubt anyone but those of us on the Board of Directors will show up. There's no discussion planned, though if others do show up we'd probably talk about getting through the holidays while dealing with mental illness. If my anger isn't too triggered by events from earlier in the day, I may stop by. I can always leave early.

I'm keeping the bottle of Valium and the bottle of Jack close by, starting at 8 am when I call Medicaid. I have a strong feeling I'm going to need one or the other, or both.


I do know I was tagged by Anonymous Mom to post a song that inspires me to write. That's going to take some thought. So as soon as I have the time and the brain cells available, I'll get that done.


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