Monday, December 03, 2007

Where does yours rank?

So I came across this website called Mental Health America recently. On said website is the following...

Ranking America's Mental Health: An Analysis of Depression Across the States

I'm all for reports such as this one if they actually help improve the state of the mental health system in this country. I think a majority of people buy into statistical crap like this, which could potentially have a positive end result.

However, I see major flaws in the data collection process, and the resulting statistical analysis weaned from that data, that make the results meaningless to me. I believe that this is truly how the states rank in depression levels about as much as I believe Santa's going to magically pop his jolly fat ass down my non-existent chimney sometime on Christmas Eve.

But hey...if ignorance and misinformation can lead to more and better treatment for those of us with mental illnesses, I'm not going to be the one to inform the masses of the truth.


Blogger Marie said...

I saw that Nevada ranked 47th. I don't know if that is good or bad!

There is recent legislation pending that will cut funding for mental health services here in Nevada! What a crock!

9:33 AM, December 06, 2007  
Blogger sideshow freak said...

It seems an absurd and suspect study.

8:57 PM, December 06, 2007  
Blogger Janes Insane said...

California is #15. Considering Calif. is usually at the bottom of the heap, whether #15 is good or bad, it seems good for California. Not that that's neither here nor there.

12:06 AM, December 09, 2007  

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