Saturday, May 31, 2008

Featured video - The Material

Since I lack time and the mental motivation to update the video on my blog weekly, a task I tried and failed miserably at last year, I figure I'll just update them whenever I have the time. It'll probably end up being every two weeks or every month. That seems like a far more attainable goal than every week. If it takes longer than a month, it'll be because I've simply forgotten there's a video on my blog. Just like I forgot about the bright yellow Post-it note right in front of my face reminding me to make a doctor's appointment yesterday.

Anyway, I decided to go with a video by one of my favorite unsigned bands, The Material. Today one of their songs came on while I had my iTunes open and on shuffle, so I turned off the shuffle option and listened to their entire EP, titled Tomorrow. They are typically the only band I stop and do that for, the EP is just that good. Plus since the shuffle is so random and I have thousands of other songs, they don't come up very often.

I first heard about them in March of last year and was so impressed by their music that I purchased their EP from iTunes that very same day. I'm amazed that they are still unsigned because they managed to come in second place in the 2007 Mtv2 Dew Circuit Breakout contest. Second out of the thousands of bands across the country that entered. A very respectable finish, even if I think they should have won.

I know they're putting a tour together for this summer, but unfortunately aren't coming here. If they come to your neighborhood, I highly recommend you go see them. I doubt they will be unsigned very much longer.

And if anyone is wondering, the last two posts, while similar in context, were written in response to two separate incidents. If a similar event occurs next time I see this woman, I'm not going back to endure a fourth, I'm calling it quits.