Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He's disappeared

I haven't had a phone number for him since before he went to jail and the cell phones were turned off. Now he's deleted the only email account I had for him after not replying to the last email I sent him in early August. All I have left is the address where he was living before he went to jail. The address he was supposed to return to after he got out, but I'm not sure if he did.

I'm sending him a letter tomorrow, half expecting it to be returned unopened, giving him one week to contact me. If I don't hear back from him I'll just file the divorce papers as is and if he disagrees with what's in them, I guess we'll just have to fight about that in court. I would hope he'd be an adult, respect his daughter's wishes and just leave her be, especially since I'm not going to pursue child support. However, I no longer trust the man or his judgment to do the right thing. I haven't trusted him for a long time, but I figured he still had an ounce of reasonable judgment left in him. That ounce went down the drain when he committed a felony and went to jail.

It would be a pointless battle for him to pursue either visitation or custody. Primarily because she actually has say in the matter given her age. If she voiced her strong objections to spending any time with him and the solid, provable reasons behind those objections, I doubt the courts would force even just once a month visitation on her. Her therapist could also testify on her behalf since most of her visits with her T have consisted of her bitching about her father and his inability to be a responsible adult, let alone a responsible parent. It's also a pointless battle because by the time anything got settled, she would be nearly 18 and after that, the courts can't force her to do anything with respect to her sperm donor.

I really hope he finally does the right thing, but I'm not willing to bet on it.


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