Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't try this at home

The bottle of salicylic acid had been sitting on my desk for awhile when I finally began to ponder, "Hmmm, I wonder what plastic surgeons and spas use when they give someone a chemical facial peel".

A quick google search revealed it varies between a couple of different chemicals, one being salicylic acid. "Great! I just happen to have some. What strength do they use, cuz I definitely can't use anything anywhere near as strong as they do."

Another google search revealed that answer and since what I had wasn't anywhere near as potent as what the professionals use, off to the bathroom I went to try it out. I picked an inconspicuous spot on my forehead that could easily be covered up by my hair if something went wrong and applied a small dot about the same diameter as a pea. It burned a little, but peeled right off when dry and left only mild redness.

The next day I figured I'd try it again, in two different places, using more of the acid to cover just a little bit larger of an area. Things didn't go as well the second time and I now have some pretty nasty, painful chemical burns, one on my neck by my ear and the other on my face near my nose.

Lesson learned. When they say don't try "this" at home, um yeah, THIS is one of the things they're referring to. I'm such an idiot sometimes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey has been quite a long time since we have heard from you and I have been a little worried. Hope everything is ok and you are getting along as well as can be expected. Please know that you are indeed cared about.
Take good care of you...

Jim (a loyal reader and fellow sufferer)

4:59 PM, May 27, 2010  

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