Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smooth move

Other than the rain, which wasn't even supposed to be in our area until the early evening hours (thanks you crappy Chicago meteorologists, cuz you ALL got it wrong that day), the move went fairly smoothly. The rain really wouldn't have even been a problem had one of the volunteers working that day directed us into the alley behind her building sooner. It wasn't until we were working on unloading a second cart full of stuff that someone told us there were covered parking spaces in the back.

While we knew the kiddie's apartment would be at least 5x bigger than the dorms at her last college, it wasn't until we walked in the room that we realized just how much bigger that really was. The place is HUGE. Her boyfriend's mom is going to buy a futon to fill up some of the open space, but even with that, there will still be plenty of room to do cartwheels or set up a dance floor, or whatever. And the place does have a kitchen. It's tiny, but functional. There's even a breakfast bar, but we need to buy some stools for it so she has a place to eat meals.

Moving her in was one hurdle that was fairly easy to get over. Dropping her off and leaving her there without her going into complete panic mode wasn't quite as simple. I knew she was anxious about being away from home again, but it wasn't until we were at the grocery store buying some basic staples for her fridge that she started breaking down into tears. I kept trying to reassure her that she'd be okay, she's done this before so there shouldn't be too much that was unfamiliar or unexpected. Plus this time around, I'm only 45 minutes away rather than 2 & a half hours. I can just hop on the train and come visit her any time I want.

After I left, she only had half an hour to pull herself together before she had to attend a mandatory meeting in her RA's room. When she called me following that meeting, she was back to being her old confident, talkative self again, which was such a sigh of relief. No getting so worked up that she was sick and puking for the entire first week of classes like last year.

The first couple of days have gone really well, though she isn't too happy with her chemistry class. While she did good when she took it in high school, she didn't score well enough on the AP test to get out of it in college, so the whole class is basically going to be an easy review for her. I told her to look at it this way, at least she won't have to put a lot of time into studying, time she can devote to studying biology instead, which she did poorly on in high school. The chemistry class will be an easy A, which will only help her GPA.

As for what I've been doing, I started taking some of my medications again. Last week I started back on the Depakote and yesterday I added in the Wellbutrin. I was starting to cry over every little thing and figured I'd better act now before things get worse. I even told my pdoc yesterday about how I'd gone off the meds at the beginning of the month and why. He wasn't upset and said he probably would have recommended temporarily going off them, but did say I should have called him.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with someone regarding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. Since I'm fairly familiar with how the procedure works, having attended a seminar about TMS at a NAMI conference a year or two ago, I'm really only curious about one thing....will I still have to take antidepressants if I do this. Ok, maybe I have two questions. The other one is, if TMS works, does that prove I only ever had depression and I'm not bipolar. Of course in order to do the treatment, they had better still be offering it up for free or I won't be able to try it. I know Medicare and Medicaid don't cover it. When my pdoc first mentioned it, he said they were still doing trials since they had only just gotten the machine. But that was months ago, so I'm not sure if they're still doing them.


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