Wednesday, January 12, 2005

OMFG! This is unbelievable!

So once again I'm doing research on borderline and I come across this article online. It is a few years old, but is unfuckinbelievable the way they refer to borderline women in this article. No wonder people are reluctant to admit they have this disorder. It's articles like this that continue to perpetuate the stereotype that ALL of us with BPD are hopelessly incurable, incredibly violent, manipulative, liars, deceitful and unfit to be wives, girlfriends and/or mothers. I cringed when I read this sentence under the section "Apologia", after the mention of cars being burned, husbands being stabbed, false claims of abuse, etc. that says "these stories don't begin to scratch the surface of the behavioral problems of the 2.5-3 million adult women afflicted with borderline personality disorder in America."

The most disturbing part though is the following, which is obviously the author's own personal opinion being portrayed as a medical fact when he says:

"it would be kinder, and in the best interests of society to realize that happiness will always elude those afflicted with borderline personality disorder, an incurable illness at present. So long as the millions of such women (and, in lesser numbers, men) are allowed to rampage unchecked and unquestioned, nay even encouraged, through our society we will be unable to check or control such basic family problems as domestic violence. And the prognosis for children of women with borderline personalities is singularly disastrous."

Holy fucking shit, did y'all know that borderline women are the ones most responsible for domestic violence? Funny, most domestic violence is men beating the shit out of women. Does that mean us borderline women are making men beat the crap out of us?? What the fuck?

Here's the article, read at your own risk of being triggered into a rage:

The article is completely biased and unnerving to read. And this is supposedly written by someone with a PhD?? Wonder what his PhD is in, because he sure as hell hasn't got a clue about mental illness, and certainly knows nothing about BPD.


Blogger Polar Bear said...

He's based his entire article on the ONE case.

I think the article is disgusting. But I am also concerned about the way he draws conclusions on the ONE case.

He's a %^$#ing lunatic.

1:35 PM, January 13, 2005  

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