Sunday, June 12, 2005

To sleep or not to sleep

...that is the question. Can't decide if I should not take my Seroquel & stay up all night, take a full pill & sleep til about 1pm or take half a pill & hopefully sleep at least til 9 am. It's already after 2 am. Even if I take something, I'm guaranteed another hour awake. I have an unbelievable amount of laundry to do, which is why I'm thinking about just staying up. Plus I really need to clean this desk off and I may go to the movies with the kiddie & the ex.

We'd go see Mr & Mrs Smith. Gawd, what an ideal threesome that'd be...Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & me. Though running a very close second would be a threesome with Gwen Stefani and her hubby Gavin Rossdale. Guess it's nice to fantasize once in a while.

Anyway, I managed to get the obsessive thoughts about contamination out of my mind and read the first of the 4 books from the library. A novel called Dissociated States by Leonard Simon. At first I thought it wasn't half bad. It's about a murderer & high-tech thief that supposedly has multiple personality disorder. But it had a really shitty, stupid ending so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The downside of randomly selecting books is that you aren't familiar with the authors and therefore don't know if the stories have any hope of being decent.

Got word yesterday that a friend of my father is making a donation to the walk to help me out. Their note said they couldn't contribute much because they're retired and don't have much income. So I'm thinking maybe $50 tops. They're donating $400! I'll be at nearly $1500 when that gets posted. How do you thank someone for such a large donation? I have mailed thank you cards to everyone that has donated, unless I only had their email address in which case I sent an e-card from Hallmark. But that hardly even seems like enough thanks for any amount, let alone one so large.

I'm getting more than a little anxious about the walk. There's just over a month left to go and I have yet to walk anywhere near 20 miles. I have yet to meet anyone from the team I joined. I have yet to buy some decent shoes. I have yet to figure out how I'm getting down there cuz I'd really rather not drive unless we can park at Soldier Field where the walk starts and ends at. I'm anxious about it possibly storming that night. I'm anxious about being around that many people and hearing the sad stories a lot of them will have to tell. Just so many thoughts about the whole event that are making me second guess my decision to join in on it.


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