Thursday, August 31, 2006

New med plus FOAD

And the lucky winner is...Trazodone. The joyous drug that was once given to me in the hospital, by my current pdoc even, upon which I promptly vomited. He tells me that can be prevented by having a snack with it. Oh gee, you couldn't have shared that information when you order it for me in the hospital? I swear he irritates the shit out of me sometimes.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to even take it because I am aware it falls into the anti-depressant category, the class of drugs I most want to avoid because of my implant. But I want to sleep. I fucking hate dilemmas. In any case, I got the prescription filled, so if I choose not to take it, I have pills to beef up my reserves. So much for finally dwindling the stash down to less than 200 pills.

Anyway, you know what today is? Yep, it's....

Hurray! I've been holding on to this since Tuesday, so I'll be glad to get it out.

Since I was busy meeting with my therapist from 2:00-3:00 pm on Tuesday, my daughter had to take the bus home from school, her first time doing so since school started. She does have past experience with taking the bus to & from school because she used to do so in 6th grade while I was still gainfully employed and even when I was too lazy to drive her when I was blissfully unemployed, talking to the voices in my head.

She knew where to catch the bus, but finding the right one was the problem. Seems even though they note on the kid's ID cards which bus route they're on, they don't label the fucking buses with the appropriate route number. Who's fucking brilliant idea was this? I know teens tend to think they know everything, but what's with leaving the guessing game up to them as to which is the right bus for them to get on?

Thinking it's the right thing to do, she decides to ask one of the four teachers in charge of herding the kids onto random buses where the bus she needs is. These four brilliant pieces of shit are armed with walkie talkies in order to communicate with each other, and with the buses so they know which ones have arrived, taken off or are on their way in. You'd think organized system right? WRONG!

These four fucking idiots who probably volunteered for bus duty just so they could finally get the chance to play with the walkie talkies they were deprived of as children haven't a fucking clue what the hell is going on. None of them knew where her bus was. They kept assuring her that it hadn't come yet, when in fact hers was one of the first to leave.

So once they finally figure this out, the geniuses they are come up with the brilliant idea to randomly stick her on another bus and just tell the bus driver where to drop her off. They fail to inform her that the particular bus they're sticking her on is one of the few that has to travel the farthest away from the school and she won't be dropped off til all the other kids are. Had she known that she could have called home and waited at the school until I could come get her and she'd be home an hour earlier than she actually was. Hell, she could have walked home faster than it took the bus to get her there.

Total time on the bus? 1 hour 40 minutes. Driving distance between the school and our house? 15 minutes tops, and that's if there is some traffic. Just how many idiots does it take to get one teenage girl on a bus, the wrong one even? Apparently four, and our school had dibs on all of them. Fuck off and die you morons.


Blogger Maggs said...

trazodone didn't quiet my brain enough, but i think i'm going to go back to it and get off teh seroquel.

10:08 PM, September 01, 2006  

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