Thursday, February 22, 2007

About to become a bitch

Nothing like an unbelievable amount of rage to get me off my lazy ass and start working on stuff. Tomorrow I'm calling the bankruptcy lawyer about whether or not I can halt that whole process until after I've filled for divorce because I'm so done with my ex it's not even funny.

We're supposed to be working on this bankruptcy thing together, but I've been doing 90% of the work and paying for more than 50% of it. I gave him two small tasks last August to do...give me estimates on what little property he owns and request a copy of the one credit report I couldn't get of his online. That's it.

I didn't bug him at first about getting it done because it had taken me awhile to get my estimates done. Of course I had legitimate excuses for taking awhile. I own far more property than he does and I have to deal with my mental illnesses being triggered by the stress of handling all this. Plus I also had two surgeries during that time as well. Yet I still managed to get it done though in less than the 6 months it's taken him to NOT finish his meager little part.

He doesn't really have any excuses though. He was off work for awhile after he got fired last year when he could have worked on it. Now he is only working a straight 8 hour day, unlike the jobs of his past where he would work up to 14 hours or more a day, so he has plenty of time in the evening to do it. He rarely ever works on Saturday and never works on Sunday, so that time is open as well.

I've now been bugging him regularly for about two months to get his shit together and still nothing. He has plenty of time to spend with his new girlfriend, which apparently is far more of a priority to him than getting all this financial shit and divorce taken care of. So I'm fucking done trying to be nice because I'm the one that's getting screwed by all of it.

If the lawyer says we have to continue filing together since we've already begun the process, I'm demanding that my asshole ex sit down with me several days a week and on the weekends to help me finish the rest of the paperwork. I'm not doing it all on my own. We're going to begin next week and not stop until this is all finished.

I'm hoping we can just halt the whole process though. That way the bills will be split in divorce court, with him ending up being responsible for the majority because he has income and has the ability to earn even more income whereas I only have my disability which they don't really view as income. He'd then have to pay for his own bankruptcy, his own credit counseling and have to figure out how to fill out all this damn paperwork on his own.

It's about time I shafted his ass the way he's always shafting mine. I never wanted to be a bitch about this whole thing, but since nothing else seems to be working, I'm about to become the biggest fucking bitch he's ever encountered.


Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Terrible that this is happening like this.

8:17 PM, February 23, 2007  

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