Friday, February 16, 2007

Social commentary

When celebrities speak in public they have to know that someone is always listening, even more so when they're speaking directly to the media. I mean come on, that's a fucking duh right there. So it makes me wonder what possesses these people to start going off on bigoted tirades when they know others are listening to, even recording, every word they speak. We all know the answer though, don't we. We might not want to admit it because we hold these celebrities to unrealistic standards, put them on pedestals and believe they can do no wrong. But the plain and simple truth is, these people are just ignorant.

Unbelievable huh? Hardly. Celebrities can be just as stupid, misinformed and opinionated as every other ordinary citizen of the world. No matter what ethnic background, no matter their sexual preferences, regardless of whether it's right or wrong, every single person in this world holds their own views on what they believe to be moral, where their tolerances for other human beings lies. And yes, this does include those in the limelight.

It's completely unrealistic to believe we'll some day live in a Utopian society where everyone loves, or at the very least tolerates, everyone else. There will always be people that hate others simply because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their weight, their social status, even their physical or mental health, and so on. The biases of the world are as varied as the population itself.

What I'd like though, is that when one of these celebrities publicly humiliates themselves, that they just profess their ignorance. Instead of offering up empty apologies which we all know are really nothing more than desperate attempts to save their careers, they just own up to their bigotry. The hateful words they speak aren't coming out because they're tired, or drunk, or sick, or the myriad of excuses that have been offered up. They're spewing these words because, for better or worse, this is what they actually believe. Beliefs that I have no doubt are shared by millions of other ignorant, average Joe's who are fortunate that their every word isn't being broadcast across the world.

While I applaud all those willing to learn tolerance and understanding, many people don't what to change their ideals, celebs included, which is why I say own up to your ignorance. If it comes out and you believe it, don't make false apologies. Let the world see you for who you really are...a pimple on the ass of life.

I now return you to my regularly scheduled hiatus.


Anonymous anonymous mom said...

nice post, Sid... I agree wholeheartedly! glad you're feeling good enough to bash celebrities!

10:55 AM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger james said...

I agree. Just be honest and say your ignorant. At least this basketball player said he was a homophobic but his apologies sound trite.

7:08 PM, February 16, 2007  

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