Monday, January 22, 2007

A must read

I found this link on Dooce's website. It includes such a powerful description of what depression is like that I just had to post the link here as well. The first part talks about a friend of hers with arthritis, which is interesting as well so don't skip reading that to get to the depression part.

Against Depression

This particular sentence, "It looks like sloth, but it feels like war", really nailed what depression is truly like in words I could never have found within the wasteland that resides in my skull. I know I've mentioned many times the war raging inside, but I get so consumed within myself that I never stop to really take note of the outward appearance of my depression. I know the "professional" descriptions such as flat affect, hopelessness, isolation, lethargy, etc. However in layman's terms, her use of the word sloth is so powerfully descriptive that it kind of stunned me into realizing that this is probably far closer to how people truly perceive me 90% of the time.

Wish I could get to the point where I've made it back from the depths of despair like this particular person seems to have, or at least reached at the time she wrote this. Depression is infamous for grabbing hold and even when you think you've freed yourself from its grasp, you get pulled under into its suffocating hell time and time again. May we all make it to the surface so we can breathe freely as often and for as long as possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word 'sloth' hits way too close to home for me.

I had thought of this before: I was always told that it was very dishonorable to be a slacker, someone who just drifted through life with no purpose or ambition, avoided work, and took drugs. That pretty much sums up my life right now.

No wonder I feel so shitty about myself.

10:22 PM, January 23, 2007  

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