Friday, March 23, 2007

On high alert

Just a quick post for tonight. As soon as I'm done here I need to get into bed so I can be up early. It's not typical for me to be up early on a Saturday, but I suspect tomorrow will not be a typical day.

Supposedly my daughter is going off to the mall tomorrow with a girlfriend and her boyfriend to help this guy buy a new wardrobe. She's been talking about this all week and I believed her, up until today. On the way home from school, the kiddie mentioned that she forgot to give them our address and directions to our house.

What aroused my suspicions as to whether this is all true or not was her next statement. She then says that when her friend calls to get the address, maybe she should walk over to the junior high school and just have them pick her up there because it's easier to find than our house. Hmmm...we're only a couple of blocks off two major roads. Either one they take, it's really easy to get to our house. They could even MapQuest it, but it's so easy to find I doubt they'd need to if we gave them the directions. Even someone from out of state that has no familiarity with this area at all could find our house, it's that easy.

So now that I've been on high alert since 3:30 pm, I felt it necessary to see if I could find proof that instead of going out with her friends as she says, she's actually trying to go out with her "boyfriend". What I found were letters from her "boyfriend", hidden away in the little makeup bag she carries. Nothing specifically mentioning tomorrow, but one of the letters said that if she was ever willing to sneak out, he'd be there to pick her up.

There was also a letter from him addressed to me, dated yesterday. It said stuff like how he doesn't understand why I'm keeping her from him, that it's torturing them not to be able to see each other. Said that he doesn't think I'm a mean person cuz my daughter wouldn't love someone mean and she apparently loves me. Mentioned that while I want to protect her, he has only her best interests at heart like I do and would never do anything to hurt her. Even offered up his email address if I wanted to chat with him.

I keep wondering why she didn't give it to me. The only explanation I can think of (and yes I know full well that my suspicious mode could either be dead on or merely clouding my judgment on this) is that by giving it to me now, she feels it would make me aware that they desperately want to go out together and that I might catch on that things aren't what they appear to be for tomorrow. Little does she know I already suspect something's up.

I have no problem if the "boyfriend" meets her at the mall, since there's really nothing I can do to stop that. I will have a big problem though if she's lied about going with her other friends and is really only trying to go out with him. She's put on a big production all week about going and how she can't wait to help her friend's boyfriend pick out a new wardrobe. If none of that is true, then she's been lying to my face all week and I will not tolerate that.

So tomorrow I'm waking up early, which will be a big surprise to her. I'm also not letting her be picked up at the school either. If she's going, they're coming to our house to get her.

I really hope she isn't lying because that will go a long way towards rebuilding my trust in her. It's already been rebuilt a little bit because while I was reading the little notes from her "boyfriend', I found out that she was actually being honest about coming clean to him. I don't know if she did come clean about everything, but it appears she came clean about a lot of stuff, even some I wasn't aware of. I found out she apparently once told him that she was almost raped because he questioned her as to whether that event was true or not.

Best get to sleep. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it is her friends that show up on our driveway tomorrow.


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I am sooooooooo glad Miss A is only going on 4.

10:35 PM, March 24, 2007  

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