Monday, March 19, 2007

The weekend

So this past weekend was the Taste of Chaos concert. Things started off early for us on Friday. Let the kiddie play hookie from school and we went down to the Hard Rock Cafe because the local alternative radio station, Q101, was having a meet & greet there with some of the bands on the tour. Originally when I'd offered to let the kiddie skip school she was unsure if she wanted to because she'd missed most of her classes on Thursday due to a field trip her choir took to the opera. When she realized I was going with or without her in hopes that 30 Seconds to Mars would be there she decided she'd come along.

We arrived about an hour & a half before the event was supposed to start and surprisingly the line wasn't long, there were only about 20 people ahead of us. I figured a ton of teens & 20 somethings would have blown off work or school to go down there since the concert that night was sold out, but they didn't. Where are the priorities of these young people????

At that age I would have jumped at the chance to meet any band I liked. Hell, even at my age now, I still jump at the chance. I don't do it because I'm star struck or anything (ok I'll admit it, Duran Duran was the only exception & yes, I did get to meet Nick & Simon way back in the 80's), but more because I like having the opportunity to talk to the band members. I like letting them know personally what I think of their music and I like to see who is down to earth and who is letting their "fame" inflame their egos. I've had many opportunities to hang out with bands for the entire evening and even become friends with some of them in the past. It's been a lot of fun.

Anyway, much to my dismay, the guys from 30 Seconds to Mars weren't there. We did get to meet members of the bands Evaline, Saosin, Chiodos, Aiden, Senses Fail and The Used. I took pictures of everyone, but they're still on the kiddie's camera. If she leaves it home tomorrow I'll upload them. I thought the guys from Aiden were the nicest of the bunch. While others stopped signing autographs and allowed me to take their pictures, Aiden actually made it a point to make eye contact as soon as you walked up to them. Had I not been taking pictures, I don't think some of the other guys would have even bothered to look up. In fact, a couple of them didn't.

We didn't get tickets to Friday's show in Chicago because I figured we'd have a better chance of getting in the front row if we headed to Milwaukee. Since that show was on Saturday, we knew we'd have plenty of time to get there early. Plus I figured the Chicago show would sell out like it did and it's really hard to be packed into the Aragon Ballroom during a sold out show.

Ended up we didn't get to Milwaukee early. We were being too lazy and didn't get there til nearly 4 pm for a show that was set to start at 5 pm. We stayed in the back for the first two bands, but did manage to squeeze our way up fairly close to the stage, off to the side so we didn't have to deal with the crush of people in the middle. I was basically there to see Senses Fail and 30 Seconds to Mars, which is why we didn't move up to the front sooner.

I loved the set Senses Fail did. The kiddie had seen them before at Warped Tour, but this was my first time seeing them and they were great. Each band was limited to about an hour on stage and they played more of their old songs which I'm familiar with. I feel bad that I haven't yet even listened to their latest cd, but I've been enjoying 30 Seconds to Mars too much and have spent most of my time either listening to them or to the radio.

I have to say I was quite disappointed by the set 30 Seconds to Mars did. First off, it took entirely too long setting up the stage prior to them coming on. It's a major turn off to me when bands feel the need to have all these props on stage with them. Just bring your instruments and fucking play. I doubt most people care what else is on stage. We come to see the band and hear the music. Anything else is unnecessary.

Secondly, they are on tour with a bunch of bands that are far more hardcore than they are. Seeing Jared Leto trying to rock out as hard as some of the other bands just doesn't fit with the songs on their cd's. It was as if he was trying to act more hardcore than he really is. Considering he got his start in acting, he failed miserably and just looked like an idiot. A very hot, sexy idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

Even though there are no cameras allowed in most shows, I always bring a disposable one with me anyway. It's far too easy to sneak them in and I have yet to be caught doing it. Once I get those pics developed, I'll have to post them on here. All the pics are pretty much of Jared being an idiot, except one.

After their set they were signing autographs if you had purchased their merchandise. I don't usually buy t-shirts or anything at shows because I'm not a t-shirt wearing kind of gal, but since I hadn't met them the day before when we met all the other bands, I splurged and bought one. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to be face to face with Jared. Somehow I managed to get towards the front of the line to meet them which I was glad about because I knew that would be one hell of a long line and I wasn't sure they'd hang around long enough to sign autographs for everyone.

Turned out to be a waste of time and money. Their autographs look like the scribbles of a kindergartner. Since the band is on this whole Chinese kick, they could very well be the Chinese symbols for their initials or something, but it just looks like a 3 year old grabbed a Sharpie and took it to the back of my shirt.

They also didn't interact much with any of the fans there to see them except when someone was having them sign a shirt they happened to be wearing and the guys had to get up out of their seats a little to reach the person. I'm sure the band would probably have rather been doing anything else instead of signing autographs for hundreds of people, and were just trying to get through the line as fast as possible. But if you're not going to show any appreciation for your fans, not make eye contact with them or even say a simple hello...then don't fucking agree to do a signing like that. To me, they came off as pompous assholes.

I'll still enjoy their music, though if they release another cd, I will have a hard time convincing myself to buy it and I doubt I'd see them again in concert unless they happen to be opening for someone else I really like. I'd rather my money went to bands that know their paychecks come from their fans, appreciate that and treat them with respect. I'm not into paying to further inflate someone's ego that is already overinflated.

All in all it was a good time though. For our next show....we're getting Bamboozled in New Jersey. I can't fucking wait!


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i miss those days of concerts. i think it's cool that you two can do it together.

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