Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Need to plan

Still haven't managed to get anything done but at least I'm gaining some of my strength back. It's so hard to get myself moving. I sat on the couch for hours thinking I should just grab the duster that's already sitting on the entertainment center and just dust the living room really quickly. Also thought about getting up on the exercise equipment, if only for 15 minutes. But for all the thinking, for all the longing to just do it, I couldn't get the motivation to move.

Tomorrow the kiddie only has half a day of school and then she's off on Friday, so hopefully together we can get this place clean. As a reward, maybe we'll plan to go to the movies or something. Something that requires getting out of the house and having fun together since it seems like it's been a long time since we did that.

We do need to get busy with our Spring Break plans. Only three weeks left to get those all lined up. So far our only plan is to go to Cleveland and visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The kiddie's excited to see the Warped Tour exhibit and we just found out today that they also have an exhibit for The Clash as well. Other than that, I don't know if there's even anything else in the area we'd be interested in seeing.

It'd be nice to only go there for a day or two and come home. Save the rest of our money and go to New Jersey in May for The Bamboozle festival. Would love to be there for the May 6th concert that Linkin Park is headlining. A lot of bands we like are also playing that day...Plain White T's, Reliant K, Yellowcard, As I Lay Dying, From First to Last and others. As of today, there are still tickets available for the show so maybe I'll check into airfare & hotels tomorrow just to see if maybe we could afford to go. Yes, I am crazy enough to fly half way across the country just to see Linkin Park.


Anonymous anonymous mom said...

Great Lakes Science Center is cool, right next door to the rock hall. Also a fine art museum not too far away, Cleveland Museum of Art. You could prolly get info online for both.

12:28 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger james said...

I really dig Linkin Park

7:45 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous dawn said...

a friend of mine is going to bamboozle and I'm soooo jealous :)

i read on that there ARE tickets still available.

I really, really hope you get to go. if you do you have to take pictures of my boyfriend chaz,please and thanks ;)

9:05 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger marie said...

Sid-Just dropped by to say hello. Sorry I have been MIA. Tax season can get crazy. I have been swamped at the office. I hope you are well.

1:20 PM, March 02, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Make a memory!! I say go, go, go!

8:12 PM, March 02, 2007  
Blogger sansanity said...

AHHHHHHHHH! I LUV LINKIN PARK! Ook got to go see about tixs. oh damn i wish i had read sooner. ok so if you go and see a plump black woman a little to old to be there jumping up and down and screaming it might be me.

10:44 AM, March 10, 2007  

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