Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The things I learn

Oh the things I learn when I least expect it. Tonight, as I was sitting with my ex at a school function, he pulled out his cellphone to show me a picture of a used truck he's planning on buying. As he was trying to pull the picture up, I notice that he has pictures of his girlfriend on there, so I ask to see one. He tells me that'd be too awkward, but I insist so he shows me.

My first comment was "wow, she looks really young" and so I asked how old she was. He at first wouldn't say so I start guessing...21, 22? Turns out she is only 20. He's nearly 39 years old & he's dating someone that can't even legally drink?? More proof that this guy only thinks with his dick.

Then he tells me that they actually split up about a month ago. Says he's surprised that our daughter never told me this chick's age or that they broke up. I told him that I don't ask her any questions about his love life because 1) she shouldn't be involved in it herself and 2) I'm not about to put her in the position of feeling like a pawn between her parents. These are things I've told him before, but somehow he doesn't seem to grasp any of it.

He still can't seem to understand why he shouldn't be introducing anyone he's dating to our daughter unless it becomes something serious. It's so painfully obvious that it's not even funny. Hello? You introduced our daughter to a chick you were dating and told her not to tell me about it, and then a month later you break up? How fucking stupid are you? Plus this chick wasn't that much older than her. I'm sure that made an already very uncomfortable experience even all the more awkward. If I were our daughter, I'd be saying I hate him too and not want to spend time with him.

As for the truck, I've been telling him for over a year to call the IRS because supposedly he should have gotten an income tax refund two years ago for just over 2 grand. When it never arrived, rather than find out exactly what happened, he just assumed they had kept the money because he owes the government for unemployment benefits he had received that an old employer originally agreed to cover and then changed their minds about (long story there and I'm not even sure I know all the correct details about what happened).

Anyway, he finally got around to calling them last month (he sure is a quick one isn't he?) and it turns out he never got a refund because they never received his income tax return. They sent him a form to fill out and have notarized. He also had to resubmit copies of all the paperwork he originally filed. Once they process the info, they said they'll send his refund, which is how he plans on buying this truck.

He does need a new car cuz the one he has now isn't even worth the amount of gas he puts in to it each week. He's going to buy the truck from a guy he works with for $700. That'll leave $1300, if the IRS doesn't penalize him for not receiving the return sooner. Out of that money, I plan on collecting $400 for the repair bill I paid when his current car died towards the end of last year, $150 for his half of the bankruptcy court fees we still need to pay and $250 for half of the cost of the driver's ed lessons our daughter will be taking this summer.

That leaves him with maybe $500. The question I can't seem to figure out is how much of that should I demand from him for the child support he didn't give me a dime of in the last year or for half of the school fees I've had to pay out for the kiddie or for all the other money I gave him last year. The nice side of me wants to just take the $800, be thankful that I got that much, and leave him with what's left. The bitch side of me wants to demand most, if not all, of the remaining money. Guess that'll be something to talk over with my therapist on Monday.

Since I mentioned it in my last post, here are the pics from the meet & greet. I'm not bothering to label who's who in the pictures because I doubt most people that read this blog have any idea who the bands are anyway, with the exception of possibly The Used. The only people I'll point out are the guys from Aiden cuz they deserve mention for being so nice.

Above are the first two guys from Aiden, Jake & Nick.

Next in line from Aiden is Angel.

And finally, the guy on the right is the 4th one from Aiden, Wil and dammit all, he decided to look down just as I was taking the pic.


Blogger anna said...

People who drag their kids into their love lives irritates me too. I don't think you should parade everyone in front of them. It's confusing to them.
Good pics. What about some of you?

1:23 PM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger Barb said...

$700 for a truck, even though it's used, in this day and age sounds like a real rip-off to me. I just hope you don't end up having to pay for more repairs. :(

4:48 PM, March 22, 2007  
Blogger James Ure said...

I agree with Barb. He seems like such a kid. I'd take as much money from this dead-beat as you could. But I'm in a nasty mood right now so....

6:19 PM, March 22, 2007  

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