Saturday, April 21, 2007

Video of the week: Millencolin

This week's video is from the Swedish band Millencolin for their song called Ray. The code is screwy so the first time you hit play, you may or may not get stuck with a commercial and you have to hit play a second time to view the actual video. I almost didn't put it on here because of that problem, but I was ecstatic to even find this video so I decided to go ahead and use it.

I've loved this song since I first stumbled across it on my daughter's i-pod about a year & a half ago. It's another tune that I can't help but sing along with. Millencolin have played on the Warped Tour in the past and that's how the kiddie ended up with the song, it was included on the 2005 Warped Tour Compilation cd she bought.

Though I hadn't heard of them til late 2005, they've actually been around since the early 90's and have released a number of cd's. I was quite surprised when I learned they had a video for this and other songs since they are relatively unknown. Bet if my cable company offered Fuse, a channel dedicated to the type of music I like, I'd be more aware of videos that are out there. But I only get MTV, MTV2 and VH1, which all suck ass because they spend more time running lame, crappy shows than showing any actual music videos. Though I highly doubt even if they did show more videos that any of those channels would have shown this one.

Anyway, they have yet to release anything new since March of 2005, but supposedly they're going to be recording a new cd sometime this year. Hope it includes other songs as good as Ray.


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