Monday, April 16, 2007

Not 4 am & other dull stuff

At least it's not 4 am today as I'm posting, I was actually asleep then. Didn't expect to be though. After several months of being relatively normal, my period returned with a vengeance over the weekend. Yesterday I thought I was going to need to go to the ER again. Luckily the bleeding eventually slowed, though it feels like it may take another abnormal turn again today, and I was able to feel like it'd be safe to go to bed at around 2 am.

I should call my gyne since those are the instructions he gave me if this were to ever happen again, but if I'm not bleeding out at the time, what good will it do? How can he fix it when there's no evidence readily available that something's wrong? Given the pattern of the past, it's almost a guarantee that things will be worse next month so I'll just wait til then to call him. Hopefully the worst of it won't happen over the weekend either.

The ex actually came and took his daughter out yesterday, surprise, for a whole 3 or 4 hours. Once again they didn't really do anything. He took her to lunch, they wandered around the mall a bit and then he took her to the Guitar Center. I get worried when he takes her to places where I know she'll find stuff she wants. Not so much the mall because I can afford to buy her clothes she might find, but other places such as the Guitar Center. It gives him the opportunity to step into his bipolar fantasy world and start making promises to the kiddie that he can't keep. I know she's well aware when he's doing this and she tries not to get her hopes up, but it's so easy to get sucked into his dream world. She's particularly vulnerable because she's a kid. What kid wouldn't want the major stuff he promises her...a laptop, an electric guitar, a video i-pod?

I need to get off my duff and get stuff done around here, but I'm in too much pain to really do anything. I did remember to pay my car insurance bill though so that's a plus. I'd completely forgotten to do it last month until the day it was due which sent me into a complete panic when I realized it. If it hadn't been the initial renewal payment for the next 6 mos of coverage, I wouldn't have worried about it being late. Luckily they had a pay by phone option where they did an automated withdrawal from my checking account that same day. How I missed it is beyond me because I write down on my calendar when I need to pay my bills and I look at that calendar several times a day.

Speaking of looking at the calendar, I just realized there's only a month and a half left of school. Not much going on this month, but next month is booked pretty solid already. I'm not looking forward to May, other than our trip, because it is not only the start of a busy month but it's also the precursor to a busy summer. The kiddie will have summer school during the day, and a mixture of driver's ed and a job in the evenings. Plus we both have our therapy appointments to squeeze in there too. Lot of driving from here to there to there and back. I'm definitely used to playing chauffeur, but not at the level I'll be doing it this summer. At least at some point, the kiddie will be able to drive so she'll get plenty of practice hours in.'s chauffeur time right now, the kiddie gets out of school soon.


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