Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's random, can't sleep

It's just about 4:10 am and I'm still wide awake. Unwilling to sleep for fear the nightmares I had last night will return to haunt me again. I should consider myself lucky, it's actually been awhile since I've woken up screaming. But the terror of those dreams is still freshly embedded in my mind and I'd just assume stay awake than invite a repeat performance. So instead of sleep, I'll just post random stuff.

Speaking of performances, I made plans to go to the northside of the city later today to buy tickets for another concert, this time to see the Plain White T's. I'm going straight to the venue's box office because I refuse to give Ticketmaster any of my money if I can avoid it. I need to get three tickets, which cost $15.50 each. To buy them online I'd have to fork out an additional $25 in fees to that gawd awful monopoly. Since it'll cost me less than $10 to park and take public transportation down there, I figured I'd go for a ride. It'll do me good to get out of the house for something other than going to the grocery store, pet store or out for psych visits.

We don't really need to be going to this show, which is May 3rd, because just a few days later on the 6th we'll be seeing the band in New Jersey. They happen to be playing the day we're going to the Bamboozle Festival. But I know this is a favorite band of my daughter's best friend and since she has no one else that will take her, I thought I'd be nice. We took her last summer to see them and the girls had a blast (the other two girls that came along then aren't going this time), plus they got to meet the band after the show which totally made their year.

I'm much happier with the way my blog looks now, though I'll never like it enough to be content to the point I'm not continually tweaking it. I still haven't been able to figure out why it shows up all screwy in Mozilla, though it's not as screwy as it once was. Actually I do know why, it's just a matter of taking the time to find and delete all the extra codes leftover from the original blogger template I completely bastardized and no longer have use for. This is what happens when someone just wings it on their own without knowing a damn thing about website design. I'm surprised I didn't wing it into oblivion, and that it still shows up basically as I had intended in Internet Explorer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm honestly impressed with the design.

And I wish you gals the best time at the show.

12:34 PM, April 11, 2007  
Anonymous MB said...

Sometimes its best to wing it. The site looks good sid! Maybe one day you'll be completely happy with the site.

Peace out

3:57 PM, April 11, 2007  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

insomnia is a bitch. I used to have serious problems with sleep, but 3 years ago when I started taking Seroquel, that problem seems to have gone (mostly) away. I still get nightmares though.

4:19 PM, April 11, 2007  
Blogger Joel said...

Just a note: it looks good in Opera. :)

6:48 PM, April 11, 2007  

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