Saturday, March 31, 2007

In no hurry to go back

We're checking off Ohio as a state we'll never again visit. The only thing that would get us to go back is if we went to Cedar Point and to do that we'd need to go with other people cuz the kiddie doesn't do roller coasters. So basically we'll probably never be back there, except maybe to drive through it.

Cleveland is a pretty crappy place, with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame being the only place worth spending any time at. For anyone that loves music, that is a definite must see. We spent nearly six hours in there and could easily have spent several more had we taken the time to listen to more of the music at the different interactive listening stations they had or sat through more of the films they were showing.

Absolutely loved the Warped Tour and the Clash exhibits the most, but those were also the primary reasons behind why we went in the first place. Of the listening stations, I liked the 500 Songs that Shaped Rock & Roll the most. But I was fascinated by the whole place. That might get us back in Ohio again too I guess, if they inducted someone worthwhile or have another special exhibit we really want to see.

It was weird to see albums that I own and ones that I know my parents own in the different exhibits. Has me wondering if they're worth any money. The ones my parents own might have some value since they have things like original releases by Richie Valens and other oldies like that, but I doubt the ones I own are worth anything.

I was particularly surprised to see the album Sub Pop 100 in the Seattle section of the Rockin' All Over the World exhibit. I had bought it in the 80's simply cuz I liked some of the bands on it, which include Naked Raygun, Skinny Puppy and Sonic Youth. Until I saw this exhibit, I had no idea that it had any connection whatsoever to the grunge era especially since it came out long before the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. They only released 5,000 copies, so I guess I was smart to have purchased it and keep it in mint condition. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be worth something someday, though I highly doubt it.

Anyway, we really didn't do much else because as I said, Cleveland is crappy. I can't even bring myself to call it a city cuz it's even smaller than Milwaukee or at least it seemed that way. We tried to go shopping, but had little success finding any place to do that, even with using the phone book and the visitors guide from our hotel. The one mall we went to was anchored by a friggan Walmart. A Walmart people! Even the absolute crappiest mall I know of in the Chicago area, Golf Mill in Niles, isn't anchored by a Walmart.

Before we left for Cleveland, we not only received an email from our hotel saying what the weather was going to be, we also checked online the night before we left. Both forecasts said it was supposed to be in the 50's with a strong possibility of showers, especially the first day, so I packed accordingly. Turns out it was partly sunny and in the 70's the first day. We were only there three days. Each night we watched the weather for the following day and they got it wrong each time. How's that work? Our weather people certainly aren't always correct, but I don't recall them ever getting it wrong three days in a row.

It wasn't a completely horrible trip. It did feel good to get away and to not have to eat the awful cooking of the old people. But I'm definitely in no hurry to ever see Ohio again. I'm really hoping that we enjoy ourselves in New York, which is where we'll be 5 weeks from now. I think we will have fun there though. Loved being in Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia. I think that other than Chicago, we just don't like being in the Midwest.


Blogger Polar Bear said...

Glad you made it back safely, Sid, even though you didn't find Ohio enjoyable. I hope NY will be much better - I think it will be. I have never been to NY, but I've heard that it is an interesting city with lots to see and do.

Take care
Polar B.

2:50 PM, April 01, 2007  

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