Friday, August 10, 2007

Only in Chicago

This is a real news story...

Sausage Ticketed

I wasn't downtown yesterday to see that, but I was down there today and caught another peculiar sight, this one on the Chicago River near Michigan Avenue...the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby. A dump truck dropped thousands of rubber duckies (not sure how many there actually were, but the brochure said it'd be over 20,000) in the river and they "raced" to benefit the Illinois Special Olympics.

We didn't know about the event soon enough to enter a duck in the race to win one of the prizes, but we did buy a couple of rubber ducks to help with the fundraiser and it was certainly interesting to watch.

I love Chicago, you just never know what you might see.


Blogger Joel said...

"Oh I'd hate to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner
That is what I'd truly hate to be
'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
There would be nothing left of me."

I remember when the Wienermobile showed up at a store near us and we raced down to get our samples of hot dogs.

9:10 PM, August 11, 2007  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

The sausage incident is pretty amusing. I would have loved to have taken my own photo of it!

9:04 PM, August 12, 2007  
Anonymous dawn said...

ha, that article made me laugh.

it would have been neat to see all those ducks floating in the water and what a great idea it was for raising money!

9:20 AM, August 14, 2007  

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