Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caught up with me

The stresses of life and lack of sleep finally caught up with me. Went to bed at midnight yesterday and slept straight through until 3:30 pm today. When I woke and looked at the clock, I thought maybe I had set the alarm and in trying to turn it off, I mistakenly changed the time as I so often do. After checking my cellphone though, the realization hit that I had actually slept that long and it was a restful sleep. No waking up hour after hour screaming in terror. No tossing and turning for hours on end, unable to fall asleep.

Wish I could say that sleep came all on its own, but I did take about 100 mgs of Seroquel. I had also been drinking prior to taking it. Didn't drink a lot of alcohol though and what I did consume was watered down with lots of ice and cranberry juice. But apparently it was just enough to help me get some much needed rest.

Since tomorrow is Monday, I'm planning to attend the morning process group at the hospital. Like I said in my last post, I'm trying to regroup. Trying to get this week off to a good start so I can start working on the things that need to get done. The primary tasks for this week all revolve around our vacation. I need to make some hotel reservations for the trip down there and back, plus I need to have my car brakes and engine inspected since we'll be driving.

Today, once I finally did wake, I managed to change my blog a little. I really like the new masthead, but there are some other changes I'd really like to make. I just got tired of trying to figure out why I couldn't get some things to work the way I wanted and rather than work myself into a tizzy, I figured it'd be best to just save the changes I'd made so far and move on to other things.

If I have the restraint, I'm planning to call the phone number for a lawyer I got through the Illinois Bar Association referral program sometime this week. I'll just explain the situation, tell her that I'm not looking for her to represent me, I just need her to review the paperwork I have and offer guidance without charging me an arm and a leg. We'll see how the week starts off though. If things turn crappy, I'm not calling.

I still haven't even decided if I'm calling the new T back. She called the house after I'd left her office on Friday and the message I received says she called "just to check in and please give her a call back to schedule our next apptmt". I'm pissed as hell that she even called my house instead of calling my cellphone. I have repeatedly told the center that they ARE NOT allowed to leave messages for me at my home number. I made that very clear to my last T there, but still they ignore my request. Surely that must be a violation of the HIPAA law.

I don't want to see the woman this week because I have to meet with my gyne and I know that will be bad news. I also don't want to meet with her next week because I see my pdoc and I already know that isn't going to go well either. I'll wait and see how things go, then I call her when I feel comfortable doing so.


Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Love the new template and masthead.

I'm glad you slept so well. I sometimes have a wee drink with my evening meds if I'm feeling particularly shitty and I usually wake up feeling much better in the morning.

10:33 AM, June 01, 2009  
Blogger tracy said...

i, too, love the new lovely and sad...

That therapist sounds like a jerk (i wanted to say something else...). i can't believe what she did and YES, i agree, it was definately a violation. i think you should drop her as well as turn her in...any chance you would be willing to try a guy? i would rather not have therapy than see a (creepy) woman...sorry, my issue...
Yay for a good sleep!!

11:28 AM, June 01, 2009  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

Hey sid, just wanted to let you know Im thikning of you. I know there's a lot to deal with right now, and you have so many things to have to deal with, I hope the surgery goes OK. Hang in there.,

10:33 PM, June 02, 2009  

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