Thursday, May 21, 2009

Refuse to answer

When it comes to my past medical history, I approach what information I will reveal on a need to know basis. If the questions I'm being asked are irrelevant to the reason I'm currently seeking treatment, I'll refuse to answer them. I won't say what medications I'm on unless I know that there is a chance that the physician I've gone to might prescribe something and would need to know to prevent a possible drug interaction. I won't mention what surgeries I've undergone or how many pregnancies I've had, and I most certainly won't talk about my mental health.

Today I went to see a new gyne for my yearly exam. My regular one is on medical leave and they haven't a clue when he might return. I was reluctant to even schedule an appointment with the group of doctors that is taking care of his patients in the interim, but given the problems I'm experiencing, I didn't think it was wise to put off any longer. I've already tried to ignore it for over a year.

Despite trying to position the gown in such a way that my arms were covered, the doctor noticed the scars almost immediately. When he tried to get a better look to see how bad they were, I pushed his hand away and told him to focus on my gyne exam. He wouldn't drop the subject so I finally told him to just hush it, the scars were in no way connected to my gynecological health and I'm not talking about them.

After the exam he asks me, "Are you in treatment for the subject you refuse to talk about?" I'm sitting there thinking hello?!?!? What part of "I don't want to talk about it" didn't you understand?? I figured that statement was pretty self explanatory, but medical professionals don't seem to comprehend it. They are the ones that always keep digging for more information. I just ignored his continued inquiries and asked if everything seemed normal with my gyne exam.

Turns out everything wasn't normal and I need to have surgery. Oh joy. I go back on June 4th for an ultrasound to check for additional problems. I already know they're going to find at least one. When I was having the pre-op testing done for my gallbladder surgery three years ago, the radiologist noted a 1.2 cm mass in my uterus. I'm sure it's still there and is probably larger by now.

Looks like I'll be spending another July recouping from another surgery. It's strange how so many of my procedures end up being done in July.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this idea of just not answering their often rudely worded questions... I'm going with that from now on, I reckon. It's not like they do listen if you're up front about things anyway!

Sorry you've got to have another surgery. all a bit scary and wearying, by the sounds of it. but i really hope it's successful! sure it will be. just not at all fun 'eh.

5:03 PM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

Sorry to hear you have to undergo another surgery. I hope it goes well.

I can understand why you didn't want to talk about the scars with this new doctor. I wouldn't want to either.

Take care
Polar B

5:18 PM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Anonymous Drifter said...

Having just gone through a hysterectomy I can understand why you're not thrilled about having surgery, hope it all goes well.

10:31 PM, May 21, 2009  

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