Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sid needs...

At first I wasn't going to do this cuz I didn't understand the directions (yeah, I'm a little slow lately). But when I actually googled, it finally made sense. I swiped this from Disjointed Thoughts.

Just google your first name + the word needs (ie: "Sid needs"), then list ten responses that come up.

1) Sid needs to go to the "creepy" place more often.

2) Sid needs to be broken down and lubed very often.

3) Sid needs to not b fat as a cow!

4) Sid needs at least two more years before we see drastic improvement.

5) Sid needs to be proactive in developing strategic alliances.

6) Sid needs to train a new batch of creatures.

7) Sid needs to give up the crack.

8) Sid needs you to move your dresser, it's blocking the camera i put in your room.

9) Sid needs a glamorous new image.

10) Sid needs donations of drinks and soft cookies.


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