Sunday, July 05, 2009

It always has to pour

Given that I'm old-er, you'd think I'd have suffered from numerous toothaches in my lifetime. Most people I know in my age bracket have mouthfuls of fillings and other dental work. I guess you could say I was blessed in the dental department because I've never had much of a problem with my teeth until, that is, the introduction of psychotropic meds into my life.

This is not just another feeble attempt on my part at making an excuse to go off these poisons, though I will add it to the growing list of evidence that the drugs actually do more harm than good. A link between psychotropic meds and oral complications has been clearly documented and it's not solely due to lack of proper hygiene and care in patients that are mentally ill. A big contributing factor is that many of the medications used to treat mental illness cause dry mouth. Without adequate saliva, your teeth are much more prone to tooth decay and other problems.

I'm currently trying to endure the pain of the second toothache I've ever had in my lifetime
(yes, I've only had two of them), one that came on very suddenly and is caused by a cavity that was not there when I had my teeth cleaned a month ago. To combat the pain that started on Friday (it would be just my luck that it would happen over a holiday weekend), I've been downing ibuprofen and naproxen like candy. I've also been using ice and an oral anesthetic to numb the area, with little success. The most relief I got was yesterday when I was at my sister's house, drinking heavily and distracted from how much pain I was in. Unfortunately, the pain was so severe today that nothing provided any relief.

I just really hope I can get in to see my dentist tomorrow and they can work around my schedule, which already includes pre-op testing for my surgery this coming Friday and therapy appointments for both me and the kiddie. There is absolutely no way I can tolerate this pain any longer.

Oh and just to make my life even more miserable, cuz with me it never just rains, it always has to pour...I got my period today. Can I please just die already? Please?


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